How Much Is the US President Worth Today?

President Donald Trump’s real-time net worth has remained at around $ 3.1 billion since February and may well be in decline as Trump’s hotel business continues to falter.

Trump’s net worth today ranks 715 on the Forbes list of billionaires. His wealth was $ 4.5 billion in March 2016 before Trump became president.

Trump jumped 51 positions from 766 in 2018, while his total wealth remained the same. Forbes said Trump’s rise in the ranking, despite his unchanged wealth, is due to the decline in wealth of other billionaires.

Trump still adamantly refuses to publicly disclose his income tax returns, which will reveal details about his true net worth. He also refused to part with his commercial empire.

Despite being president, Trump continues to have a portfolio of hotels, golf courses and other real estate, despite the reaction of critics who argue that his negotiations in the private sector represent a serious conflict of interest. Trump says he handed over control of the Trump Organization to his sons Eric and Donald Jr.

Forbes reported that Trump’s properties had little success in 2018. It revealed that Trump Tower and 6 East 57th St. retail property in New York lost a combined value of $ 64 million last year. Trump’s golf resort in Miami, Florida, lost $ 26 million in value.

These losses were offset by a $ 160 million gain in Trump’s 30% stake in two skyscrapers: 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York and 555 California St. in San Francisco.

Trump’s net worth it is derived from five main assets – $ 1.47 billion in New York real estate; $ 630 million in real estate outside of New York; $ 550 million in golf courses and clubs; $ 310 million in cash and personal assets; and $ 170 million from branded companies.

Trump reported last week $ 434 million in revenue from all sources in its annual financial release released by the White House. Trump’s revenue last year was $ 18 million, or 4% less than the $ 452 million he reported in 2017.

Trump also admitted an outstanding debt of at least $ 315 million in 2018.

Analysts said the core of Trump’s wealth lies in his six buildings in and around Manhattan. Last year, Trump reported that his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort earned $ 22.7 million, down from the $ 25.1 million he released in 2017.

Revenue at Trump’s golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, rose slightly to $ 15.73 million. Its Florida golf resort Doral generated $ 75.96 million in revenue, an increase of $ 1.4 million over 2017.

Trump hides most of his money in Capital One with $ 50 million in a checking and savings account that generates about $ 1 million in interest. Trump also owns about $ 250,000 in gold.

Paula Fonseca