20 Awesome WiFi Analyzer for a better Internet connection for Android – ABOUT MAG 2020

  • NetX network tool

    The Network X Network Tool is one of the leading WiFi analyzers that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

    The best thing that can be said about this application is its functionality and friendly interface.

    With the NetX Network Tool network scanner, you can discover all the devices connected to your network and know the IP address, the provider, the Bonjour name, the Bonjour name, the NetBIOS name and the domain of each device.

    netx-network-wifi analyzer

    NetX network functions

    The Network Analyzer will show information about the WiFi to which you are currently connected, such as external IP, signal strength, subnet mask, DNS, gateway and download / upload speed.

    It also offers network security, issuing notifications whenever a new device or unknown device connects to the network.

    Overall, it is a solid WiFi analyzer that can be used by both beginners and experienced users.

    Download on Google Play

  • OpenSignal

    wifi open signal analyzer

    Open Signal comes close to the NetX Network Tool when it comes to functionality, but do you know where its strength lies?

    It is in the various features of OpenSignal.

    Includes speed tests that cover download / upload and latency for…

    Guess what?

    3G, 4G / LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi.

    open signal wifi analyzer

    Open the main functions of the Wifi Signal Analyzer.

    Impressive, right?

    What else:

    This application can also check how quickly you can stream videos on YouTube, Netflix and others. If you want to do more than just check your Wi-Fi connection, you can get it.

    Download on Google Play

  • Network signal information

    wifi network signal information analyzer

    Do you want accurate and detailed information on the network you currently use?

    So, Network Signal Info can really help you.

    network signal information

    Network signal information Main features.

    It is easy to use and can provide a lot of valuable information, whether WiFi connection or Mobile connection.

    Its main features include signal strength indication, Android system information and accurate and detailed information about WiFi connections and mobile networks.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi Monitor


    WiFi Monitor is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze the status of your Wi-Fi networks and control its parameters such as signal strength, frequency, connection speed and other things.

    Its functions are separated into six tabs: Connection, Networks, Channels, Force, Speed ​​and Scan.


    WiFi Monitor: protect and supervise your WiFi connection.

    Each tab will display information related to the tab title.

    Example: the “Networks” tab shows all available Wi-Fi networks by type, equipment manufacturer, security protocol and signal level.

    In total, WiFi Monitor is a useful tool when you configure the wireless router and maintain and monitor it.

    Download on Google Play

  • ScanFi: WiFi analyzer and Surveyor

    ScanFi is a wireless network analyzer capable of turning your Android phone into a passive scanning device.

    scanf-wifi analyzer

    Test your WiFi connection with Scanfi!

    With this application, you can scan your network without connecting to any access point and get all the details that would be displayed through beautiful graphical representations.

    In short, ScanFi is a capable WiFi scanner and analyzer with basic functionality.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi analyzer


    WiFi Analyzer is one of the best rated apps that you can download and use to analyze your WiFi network.

    Why can you ask.

    WiFi Analyzer will turn your phone into a functional and very capable WiFi Analyzer.

    What? WiFi analyzer = WiFi analyzer?

    wifi analyzer

    Troubleshoot your WiFi connection with the WiFi Analyzer.

    The developer may have spent all his time turning his application into a good one that he forgot to create a better and unique name for.

    But, leaving aside, the app will allow you to see crucial information about your network, including IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS 1, DNS 2, server IP and other relevant parameters.

    Download on Google Play

  • Static wifi

    The static WiFi manages your IP settings and even makes an automatic switch.

    static-wifi analyzer

    Scan your WiFi with static WiFi.

    Like WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Static will also display important details about your Wi-Fi network, such as Gateway, IP Address, Netmask, DNS 1, DNS 2 and other useful and relevant settings.

    With this application, you can set your static IP with built-in configuration apps, such as wireless and other networks, Wi-Fi settings, menu key and Advanced.

    Download on Google Play

  • Who’s on my WiFi?

    Who’s on my WiFi? is the simplest and easiest network scanner, with a combination of an easy-to-navigate interface and a simple menu.

    who's on my wifi

    Scan your area with Who’s on my WiFI!

    This application allows you to detect and find any device that is stealing your network signals and slowing down your Wi-Fi network.

    It can also scan your WiFi and see the number of devices currently connected to your WiFi network router.

    Download on Google Play

  • Mr. Wifi Analyzer

    Mr. Wifi Analyzer is one of the most exclusive on this list, as it has the ability to measure the condition of WiFi radio waves and display it as a graph and even transform it into a wave force map so you can preview it.

    mr.wifi analyzer

    Create a WiFi map with Mr. WiFi Analyzer!

    This application allows you to explore other devices currently connected to your network and make that network visible.

    Finally, Mr. WiFi Analyzer allows you to view additional information about connected devices, such as radio field strength, link strength, rate and more.

    Download on Google Play

  • Netgear WiFi Analytics

    If you’re looking for an app that can optimize your existing or new Wi-Fi network, why not give Netgear WiFi Analytics a try?


    Repair your WiFi with Netgear!

    In addition to helping you discover how strong your Wi-Fi signal is, it can also be used to diagnose the status of your network, identify crowded WiFi channels, know how strong your Wi-Fi signal is and other functions.

    Download on Google Play

  • IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

    ip-tools-wifi analyzer

    IP is one of the most powerful tools for configuring and speeding things up.

    ip-tools-wifi analyzer

    Fix your WiFi with IP tools!

    The application combines popular utility tools, commonly found on your desktop PC. The tools will help you correct network-related problems and quickly optimize your network connection, even when you are away.

    In conclusion, IP Tools will provide access to the most popular utilities that administrators and other users often use on their desktops.

    Download on Google Play

  • Pixel Netcut WiFi Analyzer


    Pixel Netcut is one of the best multifunctional apps out there.

    It has a Wifi Analyzer function, WiFi Scanning and WiFi monitoring application that allows you to have total control over your connection.

    With Pixel Netcut, you can quickly find other devices connected to your network.


    Basic functions of the Pixel Netcut Analyzer.

    Finally, this application can also be used to diagnose the quality of the network, check the speed of the Internet, cut off Internet access for all devices connected to your network and other additional functions.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi Warden


    WiFi Warden can detect and analyze the frequency, encryption, type of security, distance from the access point and all other components of your WiFi network.

    WiFi Warden can also check for network vulnerability and will not join it by default.

    wifi-warden analyzer

    You can never go wrong with WiFi Warden.

    WiFi Warden can also generate complex and effective passwords to increase the security of your network.

    Additional features include the analyzer, which can provide all information about a network and connect to a network using only a password.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi data signal analyzer

    The WiFi data signal analyzer allows users to track the current status of their WiFi network and can also search for other active networks in their area.

    wifi data analyzer

    Measure your connection to the WiFi Data Analyzer!

    It has a simple user interface and is very easy to use. It provides clear and understandable information, crucial to maintaining the integrity of your Wi-Fi network.

    You will not go wrong with this application, as it allows you to check the signal level, connection speeds, IP address, netmask, network gateway and DNS addresses.

    Download on Google Play

  • Liquid Master

    Network analyzer-wifi

    Net Master is another application that can help you quickly examine and determine the speed of data transfer over your WiFi network.

    The program is very useful in detecting problems with data transmission and shows the actual amount of speed and identifies the root cause of bad connections, if any.

    wifi master analyzer

    Be protected by Net Master!

    In addition, it can also perform various security functions, such as providing a secure VPN connection, so that you can share files from your private network with maximum security.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi Router Master


    WiFI Router Master is an application that focuses on convenience and simplicity.

    This app will provide you with all the data and information about your network to help you keep connections clean and fast.

    wifi master analyzer

    Get a lot of features from the WiFi Router Master!

    The WiFi Router Master lets you know the speed of your internet and who and how someone uses your network.

    Finally, the WiFi Router Master can scan and show all available Wi-Fi points and provide the best and recommended option.

    Download on Google Play

  • Fing

    fing-wifi analyzer

    Fing is one of the universal Android apps designed to assist in the search for network parameters.

    fing-wifi analyzer

    Fing’s clean interface.

    Fing can work with wireless networks and can work quickly and immediately as soon as the application is started and the command is issued. It helps a lot in the detection of intrusions, in the evaluation of network security and in the location and identification of problems in your network.

    Its main features include the automatic host, which allows you to select a host and create a separate check for different parameters.

    The application is widely praised for its functionality and is useful for system and network administrators to check home and professional networks.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi Analyzer – Home and Office Security

    WiFi Analyzer - Home and Office Security

    WiFi Analyzer – Home & Office Security was considered to be one of the most impressive router network utility tools on the Google Play Store.

    It combines functionality and features like no other and you can get it all without paying a single cent.

    analyzer-wifi-home and office

    Monitor your WiFi with WiFi Analyzer- Home & Office

    Its main functions include network discovery, WiFi strength, access point scanning, access point graphics, connections, blocking devices and IP tools.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi Specialist

    expert wifi analyzer

    WiFi Expert is an application very capable of analyzing and troubleshooting your WiFi network. It can search for all available Wi-Fi networks nearby and shows all relevant information including an analysis of signal strength, as well as interchangeable data And even interference from nearby channels.

    The application can also display the SSID of the network, the AP provider / router, the IP address, the type of authentication / encryption and other important information to help you troubleshoot your wireless network.

    expert wifi analyzer

    The WiFi Expert’s text message interface.

    It also has a feature called “Expert Advisor”, which adds a ping utility to the table that displays the gateway or DNS servers.

    In short, the WiFi expert is a little known, but it is a very useful tool for analyzing your WiFi networks, but unfortunately it is underestimated by some users.

    Download on Google Play

  • WiFi analysis tool

    wifi analysis tool

    The WiFi Analytics Tool is one of the applications that offers advanced signal strength graphics, which facilitates the installation and optimization of your Wi-Fi network for non-professionals.

    wifi analysis tool

    Keep your WiFi safe with the WiFi Analytics Tool!

    Its best features include the WiFi channel chart, the WiFi Singal strength chart and the signal strength meter.

    In addition, the WiFi Analytics Tool is also capable of scanning WiFi and can function as a Channel Interference Analyzer.

    Download on Google Play

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