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A huge list of the best AdSense WordPress themes for improving revenue and CRT.

Adsense optimization is a great way to increase your clickthrough rate, creating little details that really make a difference. Several companies have been working hard to provide AdSense WordPress themes that optimize to increase your clickthrough rate. The trick is to get the perfect balance between ads and content. Ads must be present, but not unpleasant; the content must still be king.

Adsense is by far the easiest monetization method for a simple website, like blogs, niche sites, magazine, newsand forums because it does not require any technical knowledge to set up and use. It is also the CPC / PPC network with the best payment due to its high popularity and high competition among advertisers. We also use it for colorlib, but that’s not our main recipe, because developers don’t like to click on ads.

AdSense and SEO go hand in hand and you can get a much higher CPC from organic traffic from Google than from social or direct traffic. In that sense, you can want to check these amazing SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Enough with AdSense because you are here looking for a WordPress theme optimized for AdSense and here you will find the best ones.


newspaper wordpress themeIf you are looking for an excellent WordPress AdSense theme, choose Newspaper. This product specializes in generating revenue for its owners, increasing the popularity of the site. The tagDiv Composer page builder allows you to create layouts just by dragging and dropping elements from the list. You can also do this with your ads. With the Newspaper theme, you can create pages and articles creatively using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the pre-designed design templates from the amazing tagDiv cloud library. With that, users will benefit from more than 810 exclusive models already built that you can easily import, 404, category, tags, author, search pages or unique posts. You can adjust all aspects of the design with the TagDiv Composer. Add countless combinations of Big Grid styles, Flex Blocks, reviews, video playlists and more elements that will make your content great.

You must find a good balance for your business. In addition, you must monetize ads without annoying readers. Fortunately, Newspaper has implemented a modern and intelligent ad system. Each ad slot now has a specific box where you can enter codes. For Google AdSense, it automatically searches for the corresponding banner size. The newspaper comes with 18 ad slots that apply globally and will help you maximize your revenue stream. The template also allows you to include ads in individual posts or pages, using the elements TagDiv Composer and Ad Box or Single Post Content.

List articles are some of the most attractive content formats. However, it takes a lot of effort to publish a well-researched list. The newspaper saves time by implementing a smart list system that can automatically create high quality lists. This theme offers a large number of useful tools and you should certainly use it for your business strategy.

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divi-popular-multipurpose theme

The online world is the new frontier for ambitious entrepreneurs. Many popular sites manage to receive millions of views and this attention can be commercialized. The creators made Divi a WordPress theme optimized for AdSense. Comprises online ads and ad placement. Its excellent design and beautiful layouts will attract dozens of customers and followers. With Divi, the sky is the limit! When trying to generate revenue through online advertising, you should try to get massive appeal. Divi allows website owners to target foreign demographics, as they are fully translatable. It even supports writing from right to left.

With this theme, you can rest assured knowing that resizing errors have been eliminated. In fact, your content and ads can be displayed on the screens of smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility has also been included. Basically, Divi is a flexible solution for any talented business person. In terms of personalization, the owner receives complete freedom. There are literally hundreds of possible settings and options for your pages. You can create layouts from scratch or import pre-made versions. Regardless of your choice, the result will be incredible. If you want to try Divi without having to spend money, the developers have included a preview of the theme live for you.

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Gillion (Most popular)

Gillion is an amazing AdSense WordPress theme designed for news, writing, magazines and blogs. It serves as a communication tool by all means. It comes with 7 demos, premium support and amazing plug-ins. Gillion uses Visual Composer and Unyson. It also has an administration panel designed to make users comfortable. Furthermore, Gillion does not require coding and was optimized for SEO. The layout is responsive and makes this theme compatible with mobile devices and all adaptable screens. Use your color palettes to customize unlimited colors and display up to 5 blog pages. Publish in 6 different formats and share them via your integrated social media icons. Gillion is the fashion theme, simple and smooth, made for you! Go to Gillion! More information / Download

Cheer up

CheerUp is a WordPress theme totally oriented towards blogs, magazines and story writing. It comes with over 200 amazing handmade layouts. You will get multiple demos and more constantly on the way. CheerUp is flexible and adaptable and all browsers are compatible. Use the advanced options of the live customizer and the admin panel to change things quickly and easily. The design is also responsive and retina-ready. CheerUp uses high-resolution graphics, yet is light and fast. Set up your business with subscriptions and stores. Use MailChimp and WooCommerce, completely integrated.

CheerUp has many styles of headers and footers available with icons to add. Social media sharing buttons and search toolbars are also found. Play with 5 beautiful sliders and tons of widgets. CheerUp aims for versatility and visual appeal to drive readers crazy. If you are looking for a new advantage in your business or website, this is for you. CheerUp features several sidebars, an off-screen mobile menu and logo space settings! It is also compatible with SEO and Contact Form! Have fun with many typographies and icons to choose from. It uses the well-known Typekit and Google Fonts. Get premium support and documentation to get started! Start using CheerUp!

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Jevelin is a colorful, mobile-optimized multipurpose blog and magazine theme from AdSense for mobile devices. Its features include more than ten different and imaginative portfolio layout combinations that you can import with a single click to display your best visual works, best professional achievements, your most delicious dishes and meals, or any other content you want to display to the world at large. general. With multiple portfolio overlays and multiple single portfolio item layouts, you never run out of ways to impress your audience. Try Jevelin today and see for yourself! More information / Download


MagPlus is a smart, modern WordPress blog and responsive magazine website theme. This theme is the ideal platform to bring together eloquent websites for any sector. MagPlus is an intuitive framework for code-free design of effective commercial blogs. Visual Composer makes customization quick and seamless. A variety of premium plugins offer abundant functionality for all your pages. 150 handmade elements allow you to create everything you can imagine. 40 demo sites, dozens of templates and infinite headers and layouts await inside. Fast and light, MagPlus keeps server loads low, with optimized code for fast loading. Bootstrap’s responsive coding allows you to reach all users on any device and browser. Best of all, MagPlus is ready for AdSense. Monetizing your content has never been easier or faster. Increase your target audience with powerful SEO enhancements and maximize your AdSense profits. Get MagPlus today! More information / Download


wordpress theme optimized for adsify webify

After increasing your online space to a certain volume, you begin to debate what would be the best approach to monetize it. With a WordPress theme optimized for AdSense, it is pretty obvious that you want to add Google ads to your website. Thanks to Webify, the tool has everything and everything predefined for you. What else? Webify is also fully compatible with all modern plugins that you can integrate at any time, expanding your online project to new territories.

Without the need to think twice, Webify is 100% responsive, instantly reshaping all devices. In addition, Webify is also compatible with web browsers and retina displays, fast loading and optimized for SEO. You can create the exact page you want without breaking a sweat. While yesterday was the best time to start something new, today is the second best time to finally start your project as a professional. Do this with Webify and never look back.

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Good Life

goodlife-simple-music magazine theme

In many ways, the web is like the Wild West: only those with an entrepreneurial spirit can survive. GoodLife is an AdSense WordPress theme for users who understand the demands of the market. It allows you to create jaw-dropping websites that are sure to impress many visitors. A good balance must be achieved with advertising, because many ads can actually discourage people from visiting your page. Successful owners realize that ad placement is the most important factor. Fortunately, the Visual Composer plug-in makes it easy for website owners to organize ads and customize their layouts.

After installation, GoodLife will have perfect Jetpack and Social Integration. Social media profiles are retrieved at intervals determined by the administrator. You can even track your position in search engine rankings, due to the Rankie WordPress plugin. Despite its $ 16 price tag, it was added for free. In addition, this theme has the Essential Grid plug-in, which allows users to display various content formats in a custom grid. GoodLife is compatible with any device, regardless of the screen size. Make sure to access the theme preview for more information.

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the theme of voux magazine clan

Voux is a highly responsive, retina-ready and comprehensive magazine theme for WordPress. The pages are fully customizable through Visual Composer, from which friendly headings can be created, along with mega menus that make use of tags, subcategories and / or categories as a source. Place the “Home” header in the center or on the left side of the page and also include a “News details” page header.

The navigation on the news articles on the page has been designed conveniently for users, as the next article is loaded as they scroll down. The link in the browser is also updated as the page viewed is changed. This feature is made possible by infinite scrolling. In addition to news articles, the theme also features elegant full-screen galleries.

In addition, Voux incorporates social network plug-ins such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, which is ThemeForest’s first. Data sharing is stored via WordPress and is visible even on the back end. The cache period for the data and the preference of the social networks to be used can be modified through the Theme Options. Finally, you can view the theme on all devices without compromising the quality of the page or any of the elements.

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Developed by an elite author, the Herald is an excellent AdSense theme for WordPress sites. It offers a modern and charming design, with over 500 articles listing layouts. There are also numerous customization options and there is no need for programming knowledge. Even novice users can install the Herald simply by following the informative setup and installation videos. In addition, the creators created this theme for fast and extremely fast load times. What else? Users can easily upload images of articles in various formats and proportions. You can select a predetermined size or implement custom parameters. Obviously, there are many monetization settings. It is possible to place ad banners on the home page, in articles or on posts on the website.

Readers will also be able to access content directly from their different devices. The layout is fully responsive, Retina-ready and compatible with multiple browsers. Writers no longer need to tie themselves to their chairs, as the Herald allows them to work with their phones while on the move. You can also create your own professional online store using the popular WooCommerce plugin. Selling your merchandise has never been easier. You can assign each category in a different layout color, making it easier for readers to navigate your page.

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premium interactive magazine theme

Interactive is an accessible and accessible WordPress theme that allows anyone to easily create their ideal, high-quality website. A real cornucopia of practical options and resources is available to enhance your site. These powerful and versatile tools will definitely mark your viewers, enticing them to subscribe to your content. If you want to get an idea of ​​the theme itself before dropping anything, you can see the live demo implemented, which is currently available.

The options for highlighting your site are endless and ensure that two sites using this theme are not the same. Infinite permutations of color schemes, more than 630 Google fonts, automated language translation capabilities to globalize their impact and influence on latitudes and longitudes, this theme definitely has it all. It is a peculiar feature; the mobile off-canvas menu that automatically hides when not in use will please your users.

In addition, the creators designed Interactive to have minimal bounce rates and no discernible delay, analyzing at the speed of light. Loading times are quite fast, to the great benefit of your search engine rankings. A hybrid of performance and convenience with the best of both worlds, this theme is certainly something to watch out for.

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WordX is an elegant and understated WordPress theme, most used by online magazines, content aggregators, travel blogs and maybe photojournalists. The creators created this theme to deal with large amounts of content and images and large, high-resolution media, components of content-based websites.

The general design philosophy behind WordX is complete user control over subjects as diverse as colors, fonts, styles, child themes and just about anything you can change from anything you can click (or hover) to suit to the aesthetics or tone of your website. Based on this extreme personalization capacity, WordX integrates a series of resources for the creation of your website, from a variety of customizable tools to a bright beacon of content for all the desired demographic data.

Right away is the language translation feature, which instantly offers your content in dozens of languages ​​spoken in hundreds of countries by billions of users. Add to WordX’s powerful SEO optimization and you’ll have a plethora of new users every day, coming across your content on their favorite search engines. WordX’s famously low bounce rates will keep most of them on your website, where the Carousel feature will show you the best you have to offer, earning advance subscriptions with ease. And all of this integrates with WordX’s native integration with AdSense, suddenly turning this whole enterprise into a profitable one!

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magazine newspaper theme

NewsPaper is an impressive WordPress theme that creators designed to be adaptable and responsive. It is ideal for content-rich sites, such as blogs, that organize well in different ways into different categories. It also features advanced typography and multiple fonts, colors and backgrounds. In addition, your elegant appearance and appearance will surely impress. Now, with a small amount of money, anyone can have a professional looking website.

NewsPaper offers several posting layouts and media-rich features that can display a wide variety of content. There is a demo available that shows the beautiful website that he can create. The layout is elegant and adaptable, working well on all devices. The creators optimized this theme for speed and for it to work well with other sites using search engine optimization.

You can quickly translate your content into other languages ​​so that anyone can access your site from anywhere. It has intuitive tabbed navigation, which makes it easy to find. With the number of options and features, there is no end to the things you can do with it. It has many useful sections, like a resource section, to showcase your best new content and an authors section, so people can follow their favorite collaborators.

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adsense optimized wordpress theme

If you want to rock the online world with an optimized WordPress theme from AdSense, do things with Blurb. And if you’re mainly focused on affiliate marketing, Blurb is your best bet again. It comes with so many layouts and elements that you can put it into practice without any problems. Let’s face it, coding knowledge isn’t necessary, thanks to Elementor’s page builder. You can adjust any type of customization with the drag and drop method.

Three houses and over thirty internal pages are what you’ll find in the Blurb kit. You can easily mix and match the ones available and create a complete website with a little bit of ease. Blurb is really optimized for all devices, web browsers, fast loading and SEO. It requires very little work to launch a new project / business online with Blurb.

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malina adsense theme optimized for wordpress

If you want to create a blog and also want to make money from it, it must be a long-term plan. Obviously, that money should not be your main goal when creating a blog. You should have fun along the way, and if you can monetize later, it’s even better. With a WordPress theme optimized for AdSense, like Malina, you can put things on the web like a pro, without worry. Malina comes with several different house designs for you to put into play right away. If the demonstration suits your style, you can expect a quick completion of the site.

In addition, Malina has a number of custom widgets, grid layout, one-click demo data installation, five headers, Instagram feed and support for Contact Form 7. Every Malina user also gets access to free support, detailed documentation and regular updates.

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The problem

the adsense subject optimized wordpress theme

One of the best ways to monetize an online magazine is through AdSense. If you are starting a new project, you can now make it happen with The Issue and seventeen different samples. If you want to create a niche or a general online magazine, The Issue supports all the project ideas you have. Along with home demos, of course, you also get all the internal page layouts needed to mix and match.

Social integration, ten header styles, more than ten custom widgets, lightbox galleries, complete control over typography and interesting reactions are some of the distinctive features of the edition. With respect to AdSense, The Issue strategically placed banner locations in the design to make the most of it.

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TruePixel is based on the trademark structure of MyThemeShop, which is brand new and was recently launched. Benefits include improved loading time on the page and with widgets, among other interesting information, including the fact that it was handwritten with HTML5 and CSS3 and clean for easy reading. The website, of course, is responsive and Adsense optimized, as well as SEO optimized and any other type of optimization you can imagine. In short, it is ideal. Is very clean and minimalist themeand costs just $ 35. MyThemeShop also offers a chance to get all 67 of your themes for $ 67.

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nominal magazine theme

Well, with that theme, they certainly know how to appeal to the lazy Adsense user. They say: “You don’t have to mess with messy ad insertions and theme editing anymore. The ad slots are all widgetized, which means that you can click and save the ad placements ”. It sounds wonderful. Written in HTML5 and CSS3, this optimized and responsive theme will remain up to date for some years to come. It has social media compatibility and supports unlimited colors and backgrounds. They even added some nice extra features to the theme back-end, allowing you to fully customize your own panel to make it more beautiful to look at. The website is fast and SEO-optimized, ensuring that after attracting your customer to the website, you won’t have any waiting time. More information / Download


sahifa multipurpose magazine theme

Sahifa is the WordPress equivalent of a Swiss army knife. The developers packed this theme with incredible resources, each implemented to improve their website. Sahifa offers the best of both worlds, as it is powerful, but beautiful and intuitive. This innovation usually comes at a cost. With other themes, many complex elements of the site may have problems adapting to smaller screens on mobile devices. Fortunately, Sahifa eliminated all resizing and compatibility issues. Tablet and smartphone users will be able to easily access their content. In addition, the layout will work with any browser and operating system. There is no limit to the adaptability of this theme.

In addition, the website layout will have three variations: boxed, wide and framed. You can quickly change these settings at any time. For many online companies, merchandising is an important part of their business plan. In addition, Sahifa incorporated the WooCommerce plugin, allowing the creation of online commerce stores. This is a very reliable product, since thousands of sites around the world have chosen WooCommerce. Massive pages can only grow if they can accommodate a large number of users. With WPML features, you can now target people from non-English speaking audiences to increase your view count.

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wordpress theme optimized for gorgo adsense

If you like minimalist web design, you will certainly like Gorgo. This WordPress blog and online magazine theme is a perfect starting point to start your project in style. And after increasing it to a desirable volume, you can monetize your site with Google AdSense.

Gorgo has many different styles to choose from, light and dark look and even comes with the addition of an online store. Yes, with Gorgo, you can also sell digital and physical products. However, it is something you can expand on later or even introduce paid or free membership programs. It just says that Gorgo brings tons of options and possibilities to the table.

What else? Gorgo also comes with numerous integrations, such as MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and WPML. Start with Gorgo and increase your potential through the roof.

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wordpress theme optimized for baloo adsense

Baloo is another awesome WordPress theme, full of goodies, for blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re all about fashion, travel, food, politics, health and nutrition, sports, yoga, among others. With Baloo, you can create any type of blog you want. There are five main styles at your disposal and many more amenities that open up a new horizon of possibilities. In addition, after presenting your creativity to Baloo, you have unlimited solutions.

Cleanliness and elegance are the two main characteristics of Baloo. It has a very minimalist look, perfect for displaying attractive content on all devices. Speaking of devices, Baloo is 100% compatible with mobile devices, as well as browser-compatible and retina-ready. Some other features include sticky sidebar, Instagram feed, social media icons, drop-down menu, contact form and four types of post.

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vidorev theme optimized for adsense wordpress

Creating a website is really an art, and it is natural to have your way of characterizing your brand even better. With VidoRev, you can be in complete control. This AdSense optimized WordPress theme is the coolest platform concept for everyone who wants to create a video review site, but you can also use it for a variety of other ideas. Now you can create a quick online magazine or blog with the available material that VidoRev brings to the table.

VidoRev has a minimalist appeal, but it still looks professional and attractive. Looking fanciful on retina devices and loaded with impressive features, this theme lets you stand out from the crowd. In addition, VidoRev allows you to automatically import videos from YouTube and even start a community, thanks to the integration of BuddyPress.

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kolyoum adsense optimized wordpress theme

Typically, creating a website comprises several encodings. On the contrary, Kolyoum goes against the competition, ensuring the creation of an easier website, without inserting anything. No coding and no prior experience needed! Spontaneous and flexible are the features that make Kolyoum the definitive WordPress theme optimized for AdSense. Choose from the wide variation of this predefined demos theme, all with a contemporary and elegant look. Its collection serves various niches such as games, technology, news and so on.

Naturally responsive, you can access your website on all devices. Kolyoum promotes the publication of original visual content that everyone will love, ensuring that its users have an unforgettable experience. Loads of ready-made demos, optimized RTL, SEO and performance support, whatever you want, Kolyoum makes sure you’re fully prepared. Thanks to the WPBakery page builder, you can effortlessly create a customized version enhanced with your signature style.

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Truemag: Magazine optimized for AD and AdSense

optimized themes from truemag adsense

Truemag has final monetization; for $ 55, you certainly expect it. In practice, the ads come and go, intertwining the content and entering your peripheral vision. The creators made this theme responsive, ensuring the presence of ads, regardless of the device. It comes with two different covers, depending on the tone of the website you want to use light or dark. What else? This theme is compatible with WooCommerce – como é a monetização final? Eles também escreveram o código corretamente e o tornaram em conformidade com o padrão W3C, para que você possa ajustar o tema diretamente na fonte. De fato, a maioria dos elogios recebidos é referente ao seu código incrivelmente limpo. Isso faz uma mudança em relação a outros provedores de temas. Mais informações / Download


goliath - tema clássico de WordPress para revista

Golias é totalmente responsivo e redimensiona tipos diferentes de dispositivos e tamanhos de tela. Ele oferece aos usuários um layout de tema fácil de personalizar, graças à sua poderosa estrutura desenvolvida pela tecnologia Bootstrap. Golias permite que você configure seu site da maneira que quiser através do Painel de Controle Planetshine.

A bela tipografia do tema ajuda a atrair a atenção dos visitantes da web e a enviar sua mensagem de marca pela web. Ele vem com códigos de acesso e widgets poderosos, barra lateral personalizável e permite que o administrador do site edite a aparência de Goliath usando o editor visual ao vivo. Ele também oferece um fundo exclusivo de paralaxe de partículas para dar vida ao fundo do site. Além disso, você pode criar, organizar e organizar de forma rápida e fácil certos elementos em seu site usando o Visual Composer integrado ao tema. Adicionar controles deslizantes visualmente atraentes ao seu site também é livre de problemas, porque o tema Goliath WordPress vem com o plug-in Slider Revolution.

Além disso, este tema moderno e otimizado para o AdSense inclui um mega menu de arrastar e soltar para melhorar o design do seu site e melhorar a navegação no seu site. Ele também inclui o recurso de revisão do produto desenvolvido para revisores. Goliath está pronto para o WooCommerce, para que você possa configurar uma loja on-line em seu site sem problemas. Com a integração do plugin bbPress, você poderá tornar seu site mais social e interativo. Este tema também é Pronto para WPML, inclui arquivos PSD, galerias de fotos modernas, artigos quentes do Auto e barra lateral inteligente. It comes with a brilliant ads management feature that lets you set up and organize the banners or Google Ads in your website. Lastly, this theme features a strong social media integration and fully optimized for Search Engine Optimization.

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Newsmag PRO

Newsmag PRO is a fantastic premium and AdSense optimized WordPress theme, ideal for crafting online magazines. No matter what your niche is, Newsmag PRO has no problem adjusting to all your ideas and regulations. You can use the tool with the out-of-the-box default settings or you can enhance it at free will. Bear in mind, you don’t really need to know how to code to be able to work with Newsmag PRO. Anyone can do it, even a newbie!

O que mais? Newsmag PRO has neat and practical headers and footers, enticing and custom sliders, many useful widgets and fully supports all post types. You can start your own online platform with ease when you employ Newsmag PRO. And when you begin to experience growth in traffic, you can effortlessly monetize Newsmag PRO, thanks to AdSense integration.

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AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Most users don’t want to change a theme in order to maximize their AdSense revenue. Therefore, here is a list of best WordPress plugins for AdSense ad management on your website.

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