3 simple tools that can help you scan documents at home Here are 3 simple tools to help you scan documents at home during this lock – ABOUT MAG 2020

3 simple tools that can help you scan documents at home

3 simple tools that can help you scan documents at home & nbsp | & nbsp Photo credit: & nbspRepresentative image

Main highlights

  • CamScanner is one of the most popular document scanning applications
  • Google Drive also has a feature that helps you scan your documents at home
  • In Microsoft Office lenses, you can scan and edit your documents and convert them into readable files

The spread of the Coronavirus has confined us all to our homes, but nothing can stop work. There are hundreds and thousands of people who, instead of sitting in their 9 to 5 cubicles on the edge of their office, are now sitting at their study desks at home, finishing work. We are sure that you are one of those few people who urgently need a scanned document, but you cannot go to the nearest printer shop or have a scanner at home, we understand your pain. So, let’s stop playing and learn three ways to scan documents at home

1. Download the Cam Scanner

The most reliable way to scan documents without a scanner is to download CamScanner on your phone or tablet. It is the best known app that works on IOS and Android and allows you to check your files in the shortest possible time. You can click on an image of the document or even scan an existing document. This free online application has an image and PDF sharing feature that allows you to share the scanned document with people on your contact list. You can also upgrade your premium, paid version with some additional benefits. There are many other scanner apps available in the app store and on Google play, but this one is at the top of the charts.

2. Scan using Google Drive

This method is not known to everyone, but Google Drive also has the feature that can help you when scanning a document. For this method, download the Google Drive app and sign in / sign in with your Gmail account. In the lower right corner, you will see a plus sign. Click + and touch the scan option. Click on the image of the document you want to scan and make some edits and changes to make it readable. This file is saved to the Google drive, which makes sharing and storage easier.

3. Microsoft Office lens

This app is another savior, as it has many features to make your professional life easier. Not only can you scan a document in this application, but you can also convert images into editable Word and PowerPoint files. With Microsoft Office, your files are saved to One Drive. This application is best for those who use Microsoft screens, as they can access these files scanned and saved on their drives. The Microsoft Office lens helps you digitize your notes, anytime, anywhere, and especially at times like these when you have no alternative, these mobile apps are really useful.

Paula Fonseca