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If you have an Android phone and have lost it, chances are very good that you will be able to locate the phone if you have planned it in advance.


If you haven’t planned ahead, this article is for you. You will learn about five different ways to set up your phone and multiple accounts so that, if you replace it, you can find it again with just the click of a button.

1. Find my device

If you have an Android phone, you probably have a Google Account connected to it. For this reason, Google is well placed to find your phone’s location whenever you need it.

This works exactly the way Find my iphone

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works for iOS users. However, unlike iOS, where the access point is iCloud, the easiest way for Android users is to use Find my Google device

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service directly from Google Search.

Just type “find my android” on Google, and Google will show you a map with a pin the location of your phone

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Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

You need to be connected to Google

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on the computer where you’re searching for the location to display correctly.

More resources are available if you go to Find my device page.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

There, you will not only see the phone’s location, but you can also have the phone ring for five minutes (this helps tremendously when you lose it somewhere in your home).

You can also lock your phone

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and immediately turn off the device. Locking your phone remotely is an important security action that you should always take if you discover that your phone is in a location where your personal information may be vulnerable. If you suspect that someone can access or access your phone and there is confidential information on the phone, wiping it off remotely may seem like a nuclear option, but it can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

2. Find your Android with your operator

You don’t need to use Google to find your Android device. Another option is to go with any mobile operator

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you get your service.

The following services are presented as family security services

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, but you can easily use the service to find your own phone if it gets lost.

Verizon family finder

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Verizon’s solution for locating phones is a service called Family Locator. After signing up for the service, you only need to install the Verizon Family Locator app on each phone you want to track.

The app can be configured to provide SMS alerts whenever specific phones leave or arrive at a location (such as school or work), and can even provide parents with an estimated speed a teenage driver

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is traveling when they are driving.

Download: Verizon family finder (free)

T-Mobile Family

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

T-Mobile offers a service similar to that of Verizon, called Family.

FamilyWhere allows you to locate any phone on the plan or automate the process, receiving text notifications when they visit certain places. Family members can also “check in” to let each other know where they are at any time.

If you signed up for the T-Mobile FamilyWhere service, just install the app on Google Play.

Download: T-Mobile Family (Free)

AT&T Family

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

AT&T is accompanying other suppliers, offering its own family tracking service called FamilyMap.

The features of this service reflect those of other offers from cell phone companies. You can view real-time locations on a map, get automatic SMS updates and alerts, and even view a record of the locations visited.

It sounds like an “older brother” way of running a family, but if you’re someone who lost his phone and needs to find it, having this app up and running can be a real lifesaver.

You can download it on Google Play to find your Android – but install it before you lose your phone, otherwise you will be out of luck.

Download: AT&T Family (Free)

Sprint family locator

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Sprint offers a service called Family Finder, which could easily be called a “Sprint Phone Locator”.

The Sprint app is one of the top rated family location apps on Google Play, compared to other cell phone providers.

With the Sprint Family Locator, you can define locations to receive “security checks” when family members arrive safely. You can also see where everyone is at the same time on a single map and see a location history for each phone. And, of course, if someone in the family loses the phone, the app will show you where to find it.

As you can see, almost every major US cell phone provider offers some type of phone location service that will help you find your Android device, should you lose it.

Download: Sprint family locator (Free)

3. Use your Smartwatch

If you have a smart watch, be it the Apple Watch

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, an Garmin

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, or the Samsung Gear S3

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– you have another tool available to find your lost Android phone.

Although every smart watch is different, the concept is the same. You must have an application available on your watch called something like “Find my phone”. That’s how it looks on my Gear S3 Frontier.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

The application is very simple to use. On the Apple Watch, it’s called “dripping” your phone. At Samsung, just press the green button to start the phone.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

While the phone is ringing, you will see the status screen on the smart watch showing that you are trying to contact the phone by sending the ringtone.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

With the number of times a week I put my phone on a piece of paper or some clothes in my room, I lost count of how often I used this feature. I’m no longer in a panic when I can’t find my phone right away – just access this app on my smart watch and start my phone calling.

It is a beautiful invention for distracted people.

4. Find my Android apps

In addition to all the tools described above that you have available to find your lost Android, there are also several excellent applications that you can install on your phone so that you can use any computer connected to the web or another smartphone to find your lost phone. The following are some of the best.

Find my phone by SMS

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

If you’ve tried all of the above apps or services that touch your phone, but you’ve found that it’s not located anywhere in the house, your next best option is to use an app that will provide the current address or coordinates

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The Find My Phone by SMS app is a simple but effective concept. All you need to do is set up a special password that you can use to send text messages to your phone from any other phone and receive the address closest to where the phone is located.

The reply SMS also includes a Google Maps image of where the phone is located.

Download: Find my phone by SMS (free) [No Longer Available]

Whistle & Find – Phone Finder

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Another useful method for finding your phone, if it is located somewhere in your home, is the Whistle & Find app. This app allows you to walk around your home while whistling.

When you are “listening” away from your phone, it starts ringing using the pre-configured ringtone

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you have configured in the application.

Some of the older reviews of these types of apps mention that background music or notification pings can trigger the app. I tested this app using Spotify to play instrumental music with violins that sounded like whistles and did not affect the app. It just responded to my whistle and it worked every time.

You can activate the “clap your hands” feature if you prefer to locate your Android by clapping instead of whistling.

Download: Whistle & Find (Free)

Where’s My Droid

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

An application that is a kind of Swiss Army knife of phone locator applications is Where’s My Droid. If you really want ultimate protection for your Android

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, this is the only one to install.

After activating full administrator permissions on your phone, you can remotely use this app to take photos, trigger a ringtone, send an SMS with the location of the phone and even activate a motion alarm.

Each feature has a configuration menu that you can use to customize alerts and actions. For the purposes of this article, the area you want to focus on in order to be able to remotely check the location of your Android phone is the GPS configuration page.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

Make sure that GPS Location

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is activated and you can also activate the GPS flare. This causes the phone to send you an alert email if the phone is below a certain battery limit. This is great in the situation where you have not yet realized that your phone is missing and the battery is low. At the very least, you will receive an email with the phone’s last known location before the battery runs out.

After activating the GPS feature, you can visit the Where is the My Droid web page, log in to your newly created account and connect remotely to your phone.

Ways to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

On this website, you can see the location of your Android device on a map. You can also control the camera, lock or clean the phone, or pull contacts and a call log from the phone as well.

If you want a full-featured app that does everything you need to never lose your phone (permanently), this is the case.

Download: Where’s My Droid (Free)

Don’t lose your Android phone!

Losing a phone is one of the most common reasons for people buy a new phone

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. This can get expensive quickly. Avoid problems and check if you have configured any applications or services listed above on your phone. Even if you never lose your phone, at least it will give you peace of mind.

Have you ever lost your Android phone? Did you have apps like these installed and did that help? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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