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The physical calendar on your wall or the one on your desk shows only the date, months and local holidays. With the advent of technology, especially smartphones, online calendars are replacing physical calendars. You can access calendars online from anywhere in the world.

Google Calendar 2018 Tips and Tricks

They not only show date and months, but you can also add events, reminders and combine different calendar and holiday systems. One of these very popular calendars is Google Calendar. Pre-installed on most Android Phones, you can access Google Calendar on the desktop and Iphone too.

At first glance, Google Calendar appears to be a basic calendar. But when you start playing, you realize your powers. In this post, we will try to use your power to organize our lives. We’ll talk about the best Google Calendar tips and tricks to help you have a productive year.

1. Create events without opening Google Calendar

In some ways, it is a human tendency to participate in tasks that may take just a second to complete. This includes adding events to Google Calendar, which we would postpone until we forget about it. But what if you could add events to it without opening the application or the website? Yes, believe it or not, the lazy person will be happy to know that it can be done. Both on the phone and on the computer.

On the desktop, you can use Google search to create an event, and on your smartphone, you can use Google Assistant to do the same. To create events directly on the desktop, Google ‘make an appointment for’ followed by the time or date of the appointment. Voila, here is your link to create an event! Click Create event. Google will automatically create and instantly add that event to your calendar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 1

Likewise, on your Android smartphone, open Google Assistant and type or say (for example) the command “Create an appointment with HR at 3:30 pm on April 23”.

Google Calendar 2 tips and tricks

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 3

2. Create a new calendar in Google Calendar

Google allows you to create multiple blank calendars. Thanks to this feature, you can have separate calendars for work and personal use.

Using this feature, you can also create temporary calendars. You can share these calendars with other people and even assign privileges to different people. While some can only view the calendar, others can also edit it.

To create a new calendar, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Calendar and touch the add icon next to the Add a friend’s calendar option in the left sidebar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 4

Step 2: Click New calendar on the menu.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 5

Step 3: On the next screen, provide an appropriate name and description for your calendar and click Create calendar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 6

3. Add alternate calendars

Interestingly, Google Calendar isn’t just limited to the standard calendar. You can add several other alternative calendars that will be displayed along with the usual dates. You can see Islamic, Korean, Persian, Chinese and similar calendars.

To add an alternate calendar, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Calendar Settings by touching the gear icon at the top.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 7

Step 2: In the left sidebar, click View options. In the View options, tap Alternative calendars.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 8

Step 3: Choose your alternate calendar from the pop-up menu. Go back to the Google Calendar homepage and you’ll find new calendar dates as well.

Google Calendar tips and tricks 9

4. Add calendars of interest

In addition to new and alternative calendars, you can even add calendars of interest to Google Calendar. For example, if you want to follow football matches or holidays, you can easily do so from within Google Calendar.

When you add a calendar that interests you, events will be displayed alongside your regular events. To differentiate between various calendar events, you can color-code them, as mentioned in the next tip.

To add your favorite calendars, follow these steps:

Step 1: Once again, click on Add a friend’s calendar option in the left sidebar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 4

Step 2: Select Search for calendars of interest. Check the box next to the calendar you want to add to Google Calendar. After activating it, you will see your information on the main Google Calendar screen.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 10

5. Change the color of the events and the calendar

The color code is very useful for differentiate between various events. Just look at the calendar to see the type of event. For example, in the image below, my friends’ birthday is marked orange and the Moon Phases are golden in color.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 11

But every human being cannot like the same colors. Fortunately, Google allows you to customize the colors of the event. You can even color-coded calendars created using the tip above.

To change the colors of the event, open Google Calendar. Hover over the type of event in the left sidebar and tap the three dots icon next to the event.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 12

In the pop-up menu, click on the color you want to choose. Likewise, change the color of the calendar by touching the three dots icon next to the name of the calendar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 13

6. Show world clock

Working with people from all over the world? Google Calendar makes your life easier. You can show the world clock on your homepage. This helps to keep a check on time when creating new appointments. You can also track the time zone of your traveling colleagues using this.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 14

To add the world clock, open your Google Calendar settings by clicking the gear icon on the top bar and selecting Settings from the menu. Scroll down and check the box next to Show world clock.

Then click the Add time zone label and add new time zones. Once created, it will show the world clock in the left sidebar.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 15

7. Search Events

What is a platform without the search feature? Fortunately, Google Calendar does not disappoint. You can search for past and future events.

For example, if you have synchronized birthdays and you forget your friends’ birthday. Instead of spending months, just search for their names and it shows you the relevant results.

To search for an event, click the search icon on the top bar of the Google Calendar website and enter your search term.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 16

note: The search feature is currently missing from mobile apps.

8. Customize display options

Google Calendar offers a wide variety of viewing options. You can fully customize the calendar to your preference. If you are the type of person who likes to have Saturday as the first day of the calendar, instead of Monday or Sunday, you can do this.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 17

Likewise, you can hide weekends from your calendar. Both settings can be accessed from the display options present in the Google Calendar settings.

9. Customize previous event settings

If you believe that the past is past, you are likely to be interested in hiding past events or at least making them look different from future ones. Well, Google Calendar has both of these features. You can hide past events or reduce the brightness of your colors.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 18

To do this, go to the display options in the Google Calendar settings. Use the Show declined events and Dim the past events options to customize these settings.

Explore Google Calendar

Now that you know how to explore the true power of Google Calendar using the tips and tricks above, we hope you have at least one less thing to think about. Here’s a productive year!

Paula Fonseca