Adding Google Photos to the Windows Photos app – ABOUT MAG 2020

Google Photos does not have a desktop client. It has a web interface and you can use it on the desktop using a web browser. It has a desktop sync application that will back up your photos. There is no official app that allows you to view or sync your Google Photos on the desktop. This means that your browser is the only way to view images in Google Photos on the desktop, unless you use a workaround. Although there is no official Google Photos app, there is a great Google Drive app. Google Drive can sync Google Photos. You can use the app to add Google Photos to the Windows Photos app on Windows 10. Here’s how.

Google Drive

You must have Google Drive installed on your desktop for this to work. Go ahead and install it now. It has selective synchronization so that you can choose which folders will be synchronized with the desktop if you are concerned about space or bandwidth.

Add Google Photos to Google Drive

Open Google Drive in your browser. On the left, you’ll see a “Google Photos” tab. Please select. On the Google Photos tab, click the gear icon in the top right and select “Settings”.

In the settings window, scroll down and activate the “Create a Google Photos folder” option.

This will add a Google Photos folder to your Google Drive. Make sure you are synchronizing with your desktop. If you have enabled selective syncing in Google Drive on our desktop, make sure that the Google Photos folder is one of the folders that will be synced.

Add Google Photos to the Windows Photos app

Open the Windows Photos application. In the upper right corner, click the overflow icon. Select “Settings” from the menu. Scroll down to the “Sources” section and click “Add a folder”. In the Select folder window, browse to and select the Google Photos folder within your Google Drive folder. Make sure you don’t select the Google Drive folder.

Click “Add this folder to your images” and wait a few minutes. It takes a while for the photos of a newly added folder appear. Click the update button at the top a few times and the folder, followed by the images, will appear soon.

Realistically, adding the Google Photos folder to your Google Drive is enough to get the photos on your local system. It more than makes up for the lack of a suitable Google Photos desktop client. With this workaround, you can add Google Photos to the Windows Photos application as a suitable location. You do not need to use File Explorer to open or view your photos. Instead, just select the Google Photos folder and view the images in it.

Paula Fonseca