Ancient Enemy launches ‘Vicious RPG Card Battle’ today – Thumbsticks – ABOUT MAG 2020

Ancient Enemy, the latest computer card game from veteran indie veteran Gray Alien Games, is released today on Steam.

One of the most famous video games of all time is that of Microsoft Lonely. Provided free of charge with versions of Windows since 1990 – which is Windows 3.0, if anyone is counting – it must have greatly increased playtime over the years. Without sales figures to speak, it is difficult to quantify, but if we were counting Lonely? It would be huge.

Some people look up at the idea of ​​card games on the computer. They think they will be serious and boring. But how Lonely, developed by the then Microsoft intern Wes Cherry, there is a way to spice them up: in Patience In that case, that was the “jump” animation when you won the game.

And if you are Gray Alien Games, an independent developer specializing in computer card games – including a line of historic solitaire games – you learn a few tricks to spice up your deck over the years.

It’s not uncommon to see animated flourishes in card games, but Gray Alien’s latest game, Ancient Enemy, does something rare: the cards physically interact with each other. Fireballs pop and lightning pops in the distance, but what if your card stabs an opponent’s card? The two cards will meet in the middle, and one literally stabs the other.

Ancient enemy attack counter

It’s a very simple thing when you think about it, but it makes a huge difference to the action and impact of Ancient Enemy. It bridges the gap between computer card game and turn-based RPG, for a really nice mix of the two.

And with the ex-videogame journalist and exceptional in words, Jim Rossignol, providing the newsroom for Ancient Enemy? This should be on your wish list when releases on Steam later today. (Usually between 4pm and 6pm in the UK, depending on daylight saving time between here and Steam’s home in Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.)

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Paula Fonseca