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Being trapped inside the home gives you a lot of time to strengthen this family bond through games and recreation, like playing the Lottery.

The Lottery game is played in the same way as American Bingo. But unlike American Bingo, where the announcer calls the selected letters and numbers and players mark their game boards accordingly, the Lottery announcer says a short poem or familiar phrase referring to the image on the card. Each Lottery player uses a chip – traditionally a bean – to mark the corresponding spot on his tabla. In any game, the first player to fill the board or tabla in a predefined pattern will shout “Lottery!” to win the game.

According to a article, the origin of the lottery can be traced back to the 15th century. Although this game is popular with Mexicans and other Latin Americans, the game originated in Italy and was brought to Mexico in 1769. At first, the lottery was a hobby of the upper class, but over time, it has become a tradition at Mexican fairs.

Don Clemente Jacques published the images behind the Lottery in 1887. Current images have become iconic in Mexican culture, but they have also gained popularity in the USA and in some European countries.

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This Don Clemente Lottery game makes Lottery easier to play for all ages. This set may have normal-sized cards, but the actual graphics are the size of a letter-sized piece of paper that is large enough for older people and children to see and read.

Don Clemente Mexican Jumbo Lottery Set

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The set comes with 54 decks of cards, ten boards and graphics. Obviously, like the original, you will need to provide your markers like the traditionally used dry beans, but you can also buy Lottery plastic markers in the Amazon.

Up to 20 family members and friends can play this traditional Lottery set if you have a large family at home. This set of 20 players measures 5 x 8 cm and includes 20 lottery cards. It also includes a deck with traditional illustrations that resemble your home.

Lottery is also a fun way to teach your kids Spanish, practice their traditions or show off Mexican and Hispanic culture – while having fun!

Mexican Lottery Gacela Suits

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Want a new look at your Mexican bingo? This Millennial Lottery Game is a bestseller from Amazon on card games.

Millennial Lottery Game

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Millennial Lotería is a hilarious and insightful parody of the classic Lottery, but this time it is much more ancient. If you’re stuck somewhere away from home and around many millennials your age, this game is not only fun and hilarious, but also incredibly relatable. There are cards like La Feminist, La Student Debt and El Hipster that you are sure to have a good laugh with.

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