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Excel vs. Google spreadsheets

Google and Excel spreadsheets are practically the same in terms of formulas and calculations and many of their characteristics are the same, both have data in the form of a table or, in other words, rows and columns, the main difference between the spreadsheets of Excel and Google is that Google spreadsheets provide us with a link that can be shared with other users to allow them to read or edit the spreadsheet at once, while in Excel only one person can edit the file at a time.

Differences between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Google sheets have come a long way. But Microsoft Excel is what stands out.

If you are using one and not the other, there is a reason to be stuck with one. Let’s look at the different aspects of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets so that you can decide which one is still superior.

Excel x Google Sheets infographics

Here, we provide the top 5 differences between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Excel vs Google spreadsheets

Main differences between Excel and Google Sheets

  • If we talk about price, the Google spreadsheet is free. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. If you want to participate in a commercial subscription, you will need to pay $ 5 per month. And if you pay for the year, Google will also offer discounts. On the other hand, Microsoft Office is not free. And you need to pay to use Microsoft Excel. Microsoft’s new Office 365 costs you (online version only) $ 8.25 a month for a single user. So, in the case of prices, Google sheets are a much better alternative than Microsoft Excel.
  • Another advantage of Google spreadsheets is the ease of collaboration. Suppose you are working on a Google spreadsheet. And you feel like you need the help of your team to create something worthwhile. Therefore, you can ask your team to participate and share their contributions. This means that on a Google spreadsheet, multiple people can work simultaneously. As a result, collaboration becomes easier. Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, allows you to track changes in excel, but Google spreadsheets allow you to edit the spreadsheet simultaneously.
  • If you use Microsoft Excel, you will need to save the file manually. However, in the case of the Google spreadsheet, you can focus on creating the spreadsheet, doing the work that matters, and your spreadsheet will be automatically saved to your Google drive.
  • If you want to choose one for data analysis and visualization, Microsoft Excel is still the best version. Since Excel has more stored formulas, you cannot beat Microsoft Excel when using it to easily create financial models. For example, if you want to create a flowchart or Gantt chart in Excel, you can access the formula incorporated in excel; but to create these charts in Google spreadsheet, you need to do them manually.
  • If you want to use Excel or the spreadsheet for macros, please be aware that the Google spreadsheet has added macros. As a result, the Google spreadsheet has become a strong candidate for Microsoft Excel.
  • Mac users prefer Google sheets to Microsoft Excel. It is because Microsoft Excel can work in all applications, but Microsoft’s focus is mainly on Windows and not on Mac.

Excel table vs Google Spreadsheets

Basis for comparison Excel Google Sheets
Price The new version of Microsoft’s Office 365 (online version), you need to pay $ 8.25 per month. You can use Google sheets for free. If you want to make a commercial subscription, you need to pay $ 5 a month. If you go for a year, you will receive a discount.
Collaboration Compared to Google spreadsheets, Excel is not a favorable application for collaboration. Compared to Excel, Google sheet is a preferred application for collaboration.
Tool for Statistical Analysis and Visualization Excel is the superior product in the case of statistical analysis and visualization, as many formulas are internal to Microsoft Excel. If you want to create a chart on Google, like Gantt or flowchart, you need to do this manually.
Seamless and easy to use Excel is easy to use, but you need to save the file manually. In the case of Google spreadsheet, you do not need to save the spreadsheet manually. It will be saved to Google’s drivers automatically.
Use of macros Excel is now similar to the Google spreadsheet using the macro. Google’s sheet brought macro and become a strong competitor.


As you can see, Google spreadsheets are becoming more popular today. Its ease of use, simple collaboration capacity and storage capacity allowed it to go beyond the features of excel. Excel is still high, but Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets also need to focus on Mac users, so that they can compete with Google’s spreadsheet in the near future.

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