Fitbit launches a lot of free exercises and wellness activities on its YouTube channel – ABOUT MAG 2020

Today, Fitbit has launched more than 15 free exercises and mindfulness sessions on its YouTube channel, making content free for everyone who wants to watch and follow.

Many of these activities were previously locked behind their employees’ paywall. Fitbit Premium subscription service, which offered users a free seven-day trial until the COVID-19 pandemic and the start of domestic orders.

Earlier this spring, the fitness accessories company announced that it was extending the trial period for Fitbit Premium from seven to 90 days and providing approximately 40 exercises and activities for free on the Fitbit app.

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It appears that many of these newly free activities are now available on the company’s YouTube channel. The exercises and activities you’ll find there range from seven minutes to more than 45 minutes and include high intensity interval training (HIIT), breathing exercises, visualizations, main exercises and more.

You can check all the options now Fitbit YouTube Channel.

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Fitbit Premium is a great way to make fitness data generated by the tracker and make it actionable. Available on Android and iOS, you can pay monthly or annually for the service.

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