Gas & Water urges reopening businesses to flush water lines


Clarksville Gas & Water asks companies to follow the federal Centers for Disease Control guidelines on discharging water lines as they reopen the shutdown required to contain COVID-19.

Many commercial buildings were idle during the required shutdown and water lines were potentially unused. It is highly recommended to wash these water lines properly to ensure water quality and safety.

Clarksville Gas & Water distributes and maintains a final level of chlorine in the water well above the minimum required by the state to protect the quality of drinking water throughout the system. This chlorine residue will ensure that, as unused lines are washed, they are filled with water that meets the highest quality standards. See CDC guidelines at

The lines must be washed for at least 30 minutes to pull fresh water from the water transmission network to the water lines on the individual property.

For queries or assistance, call Gas & Water at (931) 645-7400 during the week, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, or send an email to

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Paula Fonseca