Gmail reveals details of its battle against coronavirus-related spam – ABOUT MAG 2020

Google has battled scammers and hackers who targeted people through email and app exploits for years.

Last week, Google had to remove 49 malicious extensions from Chrome that contained cryptocurrency data theft malware.

Gmail safety The team also stepped up their game to combat an even broader threat from bad actors who use the platform to trick victims while taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gmail blocks 18 million malicious emails every day

According to Google new statement, there is a massive increase in malicious emails related to the COVID-19 virus.

Google now needs to block up to 18 million malicious COVID-19-related emails every day, according to the company.

Google noted that this number represents about 20% of all phishing emails that Gmail blocks per day. The number is huge and reached its highest level in the past week.


The new data comes after cyber security officials in the U.S. and the UK have warned against hostile, state-backed hackers. Experts noted that bad actors will take advantage of this opportunity to try to reach as many victims as possible.

These scammers usually represent the World Health Organization (WHO) when sending these emails. As always, emails spread false information and malware, causing users to panic and opening malicious emails before thinking.

Google already has to tackle existing misinformation and social problems as part of its usual daily operations. The company needs to block 100 million phishing messages a day.

Play Pass expands offerings

On a positive note, Google still manages to protect its users reasonably well when considering how many use its wide variety of platforms and tools. Not only that, but it’s also working on providing more apps and games on Google Play Pass right now.

Currently, there are more than 416 applications and games that users can turn to and make their days of self-isolation more bearable. Those interested in trying them out can see the full list on here.

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