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Ah, Goo Lagoon. A stinking puddle of mud for you and me, but for the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom, a wonderful stinking puddle of mud.


Goo Lagoon it `s a big brine pool and a popular beach destination in Bikini Bottom. First appears in the episode “Torn pants. ”

In real life, goo is a substance called brine. The brine forms underwater pools of a darker color because its salinity is several times greater than the surrounding ocean. Since Sponge Bob Square Pants it happens underwater, the characters swim and surf in brine, since they are already surrounded by sea water.

Goo Lagoon is divided into sections, which include Mussel Beach, Goo Lagoon Sea Caves, the Snack bar and the Goo Lagoon Pier Amusement park.




Frank, one of Goo Lagoon’s life guards


Frank it’s a lifesaver. Larry the Lobster, a regular beach goer, also serves as a lifeguard. He can always be found here, whether lifting weights, surfing or saving lives. SpongeBob also serves as a lifesaver in “SpongeBob Service”.


Pier Amusement Park

The Goo Lagoon Pier is an amusement park outside the sea caves of Goo Lagoon. It’s on a large dock and is seen in the video game Battle for the bikini bottom and the episodes “Valentine’s Day, “”New sheet“and”Loving a Patty“On” Valentine’s Day “, there is a special event known as Valentine’s Day Carnival.

Tours / Attractions

  • Ferris Wheel – From the top, you can see all the houses to the city limits of Bikini Bottom.
  • Teacup madness – a revolving teacup ride. It’s a parody of the ride Mad Tea Party.
  • Bumper Boats – An underwater version of bumper cars. Patrick is assigned to clean the robots when they take over the Bikini Bottom.
  • Slide Time – A slide that anyone can use using the bottom or the tongue.


  • Whack-A-Tiki
  • Skee ball
  • Toss-A-Clam
  • Games-Awards
  • Cade – An arcade seen in “New Leaf”. It features at least three arcade games.

Food / beverage stands

  • Clamsicles
  • Coral Candy
  • Bill’s Cafe – Seen on “New Leaf”.
  • Fortune teller
  • Trust Booth
  • From others
  • Bike rental – seen on “New Leaf”.

Events / competitions

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Historical landmarks


Goo Lagoon is the place where most citizens of Bikini Bottom spend their free time. In some episodes, there is an orange sign off the beach that says “Welcome to Goo Lagoon”.

It is not a real lagoon, but it is a lake, as seen in many episodes of the series. Activities at Lagoa Goo include surfing, dancing, volleyball, weightlifting and tanning. Goo Lagoon does not contain water, but does contain goo.

When compared to the Sand mountain ski resort, Goo Lagoon is its counterpart in the summer. The weather is generally sunny in the Goo Lagoon during the summer months. During the winter, many people flock to Sand Mountain. At times, there is a lot of wind.

There is a huge parking area for boats in front of the Goo Lagoon, and in The Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, there’s one bus Stop. At the Employee of the month video game, the beach has a tanning salon, which is run by a fish called Lightning. There is a training area for all beach aficionados who stay on the beach, called Mussel Beach.

The events and competitions that the beach holds include the anchor launch competition, a weightlifting competition, a surfing competition and a sandcastle competition.

That's not Lady 35

Larry the lifeguard

A well-known lifeguard and beach fan is Larry the Lobster, one of the strongest creatures in Bikini Bottom. He also often impresses many women. He is one of the many lifeguards and beach lovers who work and spend time at Goo Lagoon.

Sheldon J. Plankton of Chum Bucket planned to open his second restaurant called Chum Bucket Mega Bucket on Goo Lagoon in the episode “Walking Small. “He hired SpongeBob to help demolish the beach property with assertiveness. However, after SpongeBob discovers Plankton’s motives, he regrets his actions and revives the Goo Lagoon for everyone, so the planned new Plankton restaurant has never been. built.[2]

The Flying Dutchman buried a treasure on the beach, as seen in The Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.



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