Google doodle celebrates Earth Day with bees – ABOUT MAG 2020

Tech giant Google recently highlighted another event through the home page doodle. After days shedding light on the importance of various professions that fight the Coronavirus pandemic, Google has a new doodle in action. The last doodle celebrates Earth Day 2020 through a minigame on the homepage itself. The animated doodle that turns into a game when you click on it is similar to the famous Pacman Google Doodle. Read too – Huawei users and Android users China cannot use Google’s new contact tracking structure

Initially, users are shown a green logo with a bee and a miniature planet with two letters. The following animations highlight the importance of bees on the planet. It provides several important indicators for users. It tells us first that more than two thirds of the planet’s harvests are possible due to bee pollination. Read too – Launch of the Google Optimize feature to help keep sites updated with the coronavirus pandemic

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The information is followed by a small mini-game, where users control a small bee with their mice and move from flower to flower carrying the seeds for pollination. The game is endless and the more you progress, the more varieties of flowers, trees and shrubs you get to see. The new doodle commemorating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is a refreshing change during the crisis. The company also partnered with The Honeybee Conservancy, a non-profit organization to create the doodle. Read too – Google starts listing COVID-19 test centers in search results

“What we love today Google Doodle this is how it captures the impact that a single bee has on the plants and habitats visited. Imagine, then, the pollinating power that trillions of bees have in ecosystems around the world! Today’s Doodle also reminds us how small actions taken by individuals everywhere result in great results ”, writes The Honeybee Conservancy founder and CEO, Guillermo Fernandez on the doodle page, as reported by The Hindu.

Google Doodles thanks Coronavirus fighters

Google recently recognized the various helpers and fighters for the Coronavirus in a series of scribbles on its page. The efforts of all the warriors in the COVID-19 battle around the world were to highlight the importance of their work and express gratitude. The Doodle shared today is a compilation of all the doodles thanking everyone who is at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. This new Google Doodle illustration shows all workers from different sectors, such as grocery, health, food services, agriculture and research fields.

Paula Fonseca