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Google Drive is good for collaboration. In fact, the only better service for him is Dropbox Business. Read our Dropbox Business Review to find out more about it. You can find the full list of excellent collaboration services on our better cloud storage for collaboration piece.

The biggest contributor to the Google Drive collaboration features is the Google office suite, which includes Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google Docs lets you create and collaborate with others on text documents, Google Sheets lets you work with spreadsheets, and Google Slides lets you create presentations.

Since these applications correspond to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Google has a Chrome extension which allows you to view, edit and convert between office files and Microsoft files. If you work primarily with documents and Google Drive doesn’t suit you, see our better cloud storage for documents list for other options.

You can also view photos and play videos with Google Drive. The proprietary photo viewer cannot edit your photos, but you can connect to Pixlr Editor to do this. You can also play videos using the integrated player. Google Drive’s photo and video features helped it rank second on our better cloud storage for photos and videos List.

The top rated service in this guide is pCloud, which you can learn more about at PCloud Review.

Google has many other apps, including Photos, Keep, Calendar and more. Google Photos makes it easy to manage your photos and allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos, if you do this in “high quality” instead of “original”. It is easy to use and allows you to share your photos on social networks. You can also edit them.

Google Keep is a note-taking app that is featured on our list of best note taking apps. Google Calendar can memorize your events and sync them across multiple devices.

In addition to native apps, Google Drive has a library of third-party apps that contains hundreds, if not thousands, of software integrations that you can add. Most of them are also free.

These collaboration options helped make our better cloud storage for teams list, although it is the last choice.

Backing up files has also been an option since Google revamped its desktop client in June 2017. The client, now called “backup and sync”, allows you to back up folders to Google Drive.

The backup is continuous, that is, when changes occur in the files in the folders marked for backup, these changes are copied to the remote server. This is useful, but it does not offer the ease of use and speed of a dedicated online backup tool.

Overview of Google Drive features

Starts from$ 167a month for 100 GB

Encryption Protocol

128-bit AES

Two-factor authentication

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