Google will now alert you if the search results are not good – ABOUT MAG 2020

google search results

Google on Thursday announced a new feature for its search engine that will now proactively alert you when it thinks there are no good results for your search query.

The research giant has started rolling out this feature to people in the U.S.

“We’ve probably all been there before: you do a search for something and the results just don’t seem related to what you were looking for,” wrote Elizabeth Tucker, Google product manager in a blog post. “Starting today in the U.S., we launched a new message that informs you when Google was unable to find something that matches your search particularly well.”

The following warning message will appear in the user’s window at the top, along with the search results:

“It looks like there are no great matches for your search”

While Google still allows users to analyze the results to see if they are useful, the message would be a warning to let them know that the search giant probably couldn’t find what it was looking for.

However, it sometimes provides alternative searches and tips on how users can reshape their queries to better find the information they’re looking for.

Google says the notification will not appear very often, as Search is designed to find the best viable results for users. However, he added that the new feature will help users know that the information they provide for search results is sparse and saves their time from accessing irrelevant results pages.

“If what you expected to find was simply not on the web, you can always come back later to see if someone has created a new article or posted new information that you will find useful,” wrote Tucker.

This is currently a US-only feature at launch and there is no information on when it will be released to users outside the U.S.

Paula Fonseca