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Do you know how to find hidden apps on Android telephone? If not, follow this tutorial. Here, I shared some useful methods for finding spy apps hidden on the Android smartphone and tablet. Android is the game changer in mobile operating systems. It was launched in 2007 and Google bought it in 2005. Previously, it was an open project based on the Linux kernel and belongs to Google for devices with special touch screens, such as smartphones and tablets. If you’re using Android, you certainly know how easy it is to use. The Google Play Store is the market for Android apps and games. It has more than 1 million applications for smartphones and tablets.

There are some Android’s hidden and secret tricks you probably don’t know. You can do many interesting things with your devices, if they are rooted. After unlocking its administrative capacity, it becomes a powerful machine. A third party best app for Android helps protect your personal data, but sometimes it causes problems. These apps need administrative access to protect them and become secret apps on Android, so no one can find or remove them.

Why should you find secret apps on Android?

Google’s ecosystem may be more secure thanks to continuous improvements in the effectiveness of Perform Protect, but that does not indicate that the opportunity to download an infected program is still completely zero. There are some malware applications available outside of the Google Play STore, and sometimes you download them. They remain hidden and send user data to the unauthorized organization.

You can use a Antivirus application for your Android device to identify those applications contain malware or viruses, but most people don’t use them. If you want to protect your privacy, remove hidden apps on Android.

How to find hidden apps on Android

Secret apps on Android are those that are used to protect your phone from unauthorized access. Anti-virus and application blocking applications are a type of secret application. They are utility programs created for your device to protect against theft, viruses and unusual activities. Let’s find out how to find these apps on your device.

Use Android device administrators

Device Manager is an Android feature that provides full mobile defense. Security required by permissions to perform certain tasks remotely. Without these failures, the remote lock would not work and cleaning the device will work.

How to find secret apps on Android

Android Device Manager is a type of secret application created by Google to protect your device from theft. You can track your stolen smartphone using ADM. Need “Administrative access”To operate secretly. You cannot remove secret apps from your device without revoking the administrative privilege. For find secret apps on Android, go to your device Settings >> Security >> Device administrators. Here you can find the entire list of hidden apps on your Android device. Here you can easily revoke their administrative power.

View apps in the Launcher

Possibly the most effective feature of Android is the ability to be personalized. The launcher is the title given to the Android user interface component that allows users to personalize the home screen, launch mobile programs, make phone calls and perform different tasks on Android phones.

View apps in the Launcher View apps in the Launcher
Another more powerful feature of some Launchers is hidden apps. If you’ve used the most popular Nova Launcher, you can understand what I’m talking about. There is an option in App and widget drawer settings to make your secret apps invisible. If any of the installed apps disappear, you can use this option to find hidden apps on your Android device.

Find hidden apps in Apps Manage

A mobile operating system comes with some applications pre-installed. Of, few are visible in the launcher and few are hidden. Are they necessary for your device? How do I see hidden apps on my Android? Yes, pre-installed hidden ones are called system applications and are necessary for the phone to function normally. Therefore, you cannot easily remove them. In order to remove system apps on Android like Google+, Gmail, Hangouts, follow the tutorial.

How to find hidden apps on Android

To find secret apps on Android, visit your phone’s website Settings >> Applications >> All. Here you get all the lists of applications available on your smartphone. The list contains visible and hidden applications on the Android phone. If your phone is rooted, you can use any third party application like “Titanium backup”To find all your applications and processes.

Titanium Backup allows users to freeze a process or application and it will no longer be visible or run on their phone. You can also safely remove applications from the system with this application. Remember that removing apps from your system is not a good idea as it can damage your phone.

Using a file manager

As with any operation, you can use a file management application on your Android device to track your hidden files and applications. Before I was using the most powerful ES File Explorer, so I moved to Solid File Explorer. I found it fast, safe and quite useful than the previous one.

Hidden applications using a file managerHidden applications using a file manager
If you open the menu on the left, there is an option called Forms. Here you can see all the System and User applications installed on your smartphone. You can check the list to find the secret application on your phone. In fact, this is quite useful for obtaining the desired data about installed applications.

How to remove hidden apps on Android

If you follow the steps above, you can easily show hidden apps on your Android smartphone. After obtaining these secret apps, remove them to protect your data and protect your phone.

Always use the official way to uninstall an application. If your phone is rooted and you are unable to delete any of the spy apps, use Titanium Backup. This will help you to erase the application data completely from your phone. Or you can also use Solid File Explorer to complete your job.

This is all about how to find hidden apps on Android telephone. I hope you enjoyed. Always download official apps to the Google Play Store. If you are using other sources to download applications, be sure to install an antivirus program on your device. If you want to know more about this, feel free to comment below.

Paula Fonseca