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How to use Google alerts to monitor your portfolio?

Regularly monitoring the stocks in your portfolio is as important as choosing good stocks. Often, shares go through a drastic price movement due to a sudden news or change in the fundamentals of the company. And if you are not monitoring your portfolio regularly, you may have to report heavy losses.

In one of my previous posts about how to monitor your stock portfolioI explained that in order to monitor your portfolio, you need to keep up to date with important news about the companies in your portfolio, such as corporate stocks, announcements (example: mergers and acquisitions, repurchases, bonuses, etc.), quarterly results, annual results etc.

I also explained how Google alerts can be a very powerful tool for monitoring your stocks.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can make your investor life very simple using Google alerts.

What is the Google alert?

Google Alerts is a service for detecting and notifying content changes, offered by search engine company Google.

In simple words, if you set an alert for any company in Google alerts, Google will send you all the important news published on the web related to the company directly in your email.

Every morning, when I wake up, I find a mailbox full of dozens of emails from Google related to all the stocks I’m keeping, tracking or interested in. I have set up alerts for all these companies so as not to miss any important news. Here’s what my inbox looks like:

google alerts

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These alerts made my life a lot easier, because to monitor stocks, all I need to do is go through e-mails. Also, even if I miss reading some emails sometime for any reason, I am relaxed about being able to read them anytime when I’m free.

What is the best point of using Google alerts is that, unlike newspapers or financial sites where you need to research all the important news related to your stocks, Google alerts deliver the relevant news directly to your email. No time wasted !!

In addition, if you missed any news on financial sites or the web, it is very difficult to track or reread it after a few days. There are tons of news published every day and it is really hard to find the news that you missed a long time ago.

For all these reasons, I use google alerts to monitor my stock portfolio. I recommend that you set Google alerts for the stocks in your portfolio to easily monitor them.

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How to use Google alerts to monitor your portfolio?

Here are the steps to set Google alerts for the stock you want to monitor:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your google account. If you don’t have one, sign up to create a new account.
  3. Search for “GOOGLE ALERTS” on Google.
  4. Select the “Google Alerts – monitor the web for interesting new content” link or simply visit this link-
  5. Add the list of companies you want to track by entering it in the box.
  6. Take advantage of alerts.

how to set google alerts

Note: it doesn’t matter how many Google alerts you set for the companies you’re investigating or have already invested in, however, if you don’t check your emails regularly, it makes no sense to set the alerts. In those cases, where you don’t check your emails daily, follow the traditional way of monitoring your portfolio by reading financial websites / magazines / newspapers, etc.

In addition to google alerts, I also study daily financial websites and newspapers in order to conduct new stock research or keep up to date with the latest events. Google alerts are a good tool for monitoring your portfolio. However, when you are researching stocks, you need to make a lot more effort.

That is all. It’s as simple as setting Google alerts and monitoring your stocks.

I hope this post on “How to use Google alerts to monitor your portfolio?” it is useful for readers.

If you need help setting up google alerts, comment below. I’ll be happy to help you.

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