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at the + Cashier

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inbox (plural form inboxes)

  1. A container in which the papers must be treated are placed.
  2. (Computing) An electronic folder that serves the same purpose.
    • 2014Bonnie Hillman Shay, Take control of your email inboxWhat others are sayingSee more[1], page 35:

      Your goal with the remaining emails is to take care of them and remove them from your inbox As soon as possible.

  3. (figuratively) The aggregate of items that require attention or effort.
    The kids, my ex, my parents, the job, the bills – my inbox it’s full.

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Verb[[[[To edit]

inbox (third-person singular present tense inboxes, present participle inbox, simple past and past participle inbox)

  1. (transitive) To put (something) in someone’s inbox.
    I just inbox you the presentation.
  2. (transitive) To communicate with (a person), writing in the electronic inbox.
    • 2014JL King Full circle: Love. Alive. Life. After Down Low
      And now, social media has gotten worse. From Facebook to Twitter, I get all kinds of invitations. Recently a sister inbox me on Facebook and told me that she knew I wanted her and she wanted me.

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inbox m (plural form inbox)

  1. (Computing) inbox

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