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On Wednesday, several users reported problems using their Gmail accounts.

According to Down Detector, more than 2,000 users reported problems with their Gmail accounts as of 10:47 am EST on Wednesday, April 8. The problems started at 10:25 am EDT. A map showed that most of the outage reports came from the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania area and the Chicago area. Other cities that reported tours include: Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Some European cities also reported interruptions, including: London, Naples, Istanbul, Lisbon and Barcelona.

Many users have expressed problems sending and receiving messages from their Gmail accounts. The most common complaint was problems with receiving messages, with 65% of users reporting this problem to Down Detector. Other problems reported, including login, which 27% of users reported and six% of users reported problems with the site.

According to the G Suite status panel, Google shared at 11:04 am EST that the company was investigating a “service disruption”.

“We are investigating reports of a problem with Gmail,” said the update. “We will provide more information soon.”

The Gmail Twitter account started responding to users who reported problems, writing that they were working to fix the problem.

Google did not immediately respond to Newsweek’s email request to comment.

Although many users report that Gmail is down, I had no problems with my business email, hosted by Gmail, or my personal Gmail accounts. I received e-mails at 11:43 am EST (Brasília time) and a relative who sent an e-mail to an external account received both e-mails.

The hashtag #Gmaildown was a trend, with many users writing about their technical problems. Some people joked that the Gmail team may not be working at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, thus causing the sheer number of problems users have faced with their accounts. Others wondered if perhaps the system was overloaded by the sheer volume of people using the service now that most people are working from home.

One user even expressed frustration at the moment of the interruption. “It looks like the day I choose to work from home, Gmail goes down,” she tweeted.

Other people have simply detailed their problems, including receiving error pages that say the page is not on the server and others who say their emails are returning.

Don’t worry if you use other Google services. Services like Hangouts, Calendar and Drive seem to be working well.

A smart phone with the Google Gmail app is seen on the screen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on July 31, 2018.
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