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Pre-orders are open for the first Lego Super Mario set, and two new expansion sets are revealed.

The Lego Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course will be released on August 1, 2020, has been confirmed.

The set includes an interactive Super Mario figure that collects coins in real-life levels created with Lego pieces. It has LCD screens in the eyes, mouth and belly that respond to the player’s actions. A built-in speaker also plays music and sounds from Nintendo’s iconic video game franchise.

The Mario figure is also needed for use in several future expansions. The first two were announced as the Piranha plant’s power slide expansion set and the Bowser castle boss battle expansion set.

Speaking about the new sets, Lego design leader Jonathan Bennink said:

“We were thrilled to see the global reaction to the news from Lego Super Mario. Fans are eager to learn more, so I’m delighted that today we can reveal more details about this exciting new collaboration that has led to a reimagination of the Lego building experience and a whole new way of playing inspired by the beloved video game icon, Super Mario. We can’t wait to see fans get creative and challenge themselves with this highly engaging and social gaming experience. “

Also excited is Nintendo’s executive director and game producer, Takashi Tezuka, who adds:

“Super Mario continued to appear, always in a way adapted to the current hardware of the time. I am grateful that, in this project with the Lego Group, Mario is leaving the digital world of game consoles and smart devices, and we can bring him into the world with a new physical type of Mario game. It is very exciting to think of Lego Mario becoming a real friend to children and to imagine them playing in their own Mario world, as they imagined. “

According to today’s announcement, the initial course can be combined with expansion sets to unlock challenges and unique characters. The entire line will also be supported by a free mobile app that tracks player scores and provides interactive assembly instructions.

Take a look at Lego Super Mario in the new trailer.

The initial course for Lego Super Mario costs 59.99 EUR / USD, the Power Slide expansion set from Piranha Plant is 29.99 EUR / USD and the Bowser castle boss battle set costs 99.99 EUR / USD. Pre-orders are now open from the Lego Store, Amazon and other online retailers.

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