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We have an “app” for that!

Learn about Windsor from the ground up! We have apps that display our sewage system, roads, sidewalks, addresses, buildings, parks, trails, cycle paths and waterways, schools, government offices, parking lots, playgrounds, public restrooms in parks and much, much more.

We also map things that you cannot feel or see, such as ward boundaries; central line of the street with information about roads, speed limits, direction and more; districts of many types; property descriptions and information; services, size and distance to various resources; as well as aerial photos over the years since 2000.

If you want to discover your morning commute and need to know about road closures and construction, we also have an app for that.

Watch descriptions of each of the applications.

Try our new MappMyCity apps by clicking on the icon below.

Visit us often! As needs expand, so does our family of easy-to-use applications.

If you have any questions or comments, send an email to: mappmycity@citywindsor.caor contact 311.

My city

City resources

Construction and deviations

My collection calendar - garbage, recycling and garden waste

Residential Building,

& Recycling and Yard Waste Agenda

Atlas of the Windsor Sewer System

Sewer Atlas

MyNewCity information for newcomers

information to


Comparison of aerial photos from MyTimeSlide

2000-2019 Aerial photography


What others are sayingSee moreParking information at My School Neighborhood
Parking information
around schools

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My recreation

My ParksWhat others are sayingSee more
Park Finder

My Ride trails, cycling and infrastructureWhat others are sayingSee more
Trails, cycling infrastructure

Transit Windsor

Transit Windsor interactive map

Transit Windsor interactive map

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