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Published on April 26, 2020 at 19:33:11.

Google 3D animals: how to watch New update of 3D animals from Google: you can record a video of AR Tiger while viewing “in your space”

In addition to broadcasting movies or programs, cooking and working at home, people are trapped at home due to coronavirus lock are trying to Google 3D animals. With increasing demand, Google is making 3D animals in AR better than ever. Google has released an interesting update for Google’s 3D animals.

The update brings the recording of the animal, such as a lion or tiger or any other when it is in your space. This was not available before when we explain how Google’s 3D animal feature works. Mac 9to5 reported on the new update first.

Users should note that the new recording feature currently available only for Android users for now. There are no words when the iOS users will receive the update, but it should come soon, given the feature’s growing popularity.

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How you can record a video of animals with Google 3D RA

First, you will need to follow the regular process to “visualize” the animal “in your space”. Just search Google for the name of an animal, for example, Tiger. Scroll down and click on the View option. After moving the phone’s camera from one end of the room to the other, you can see the AR Tiger in your room, next to you. You can move Tiger from one place to another just by tapping the phone screen. The feature works only on compatible phones.

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To record a video of AR Tiger users, just click the bottom button in the middle of the stutter. To record a video, press and hold the button. Users can only record a 30-second video and no more. So choose your angle correctly before you start shooting. Interestingly, the video records the audio of the animal AR. This must be fun. Google leaves no stone unturned to make Google’s 3D animal viewing experience better than ever.

See 3D animals from Google: The new recording feature currently only available to Android users at the moment

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Previously, Google allowed users to capture photos. When bringing this new update, Google is making 3D animals even more fun and engaging. This will alleviate the hassle of downloading a separate screen recording option to shoot the AR animal while in your space.

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As mentioned earlier, the option is not available for iOS users at this time. But that should not worry them, as they can always use the iOS screen recording option in the notification tab. For now, Google allows iOS users to capture only photos of AR animals.

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In addition, another small update that Google has brought is the addition of a circular view that shows the video recorded to the right of the shutter button. It basically serves as a shortcut to open the default device gallery.

Google’s new 3D animal update will be released eventually and is yet to reach all Android users.

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