Now is the time to buy a cheap smart monitor powered by Google – ABOUT MAG 2020

Powered by Google smart monitors can be useful when locking the COVID-19, not only for music and information tasks, but to allow you to communicate with your loved ones. By chance, some of the models are on sale today, including Google’s Nest Hub Smart Assistant and Lenovo’s Smart Clock.

a piece of cake on a plate: 7-inch Google Hub

7-inch Google Nest Hub

The 7-inch Nest Hub was our chosen editor for 2020 and is available at HSN for agreement we saw in January at two for the price of one. This means that you can keep one and send the other to a friend or family member to keep in touch with the Google Duo – but only via audio, as it does not have a camera. However, it does offer several other features, allowing you to play YouTube videos, get step-by-step cooking instructions, control your smart home, and check your Nest cameras.

Buy Nest Hub on HSN – $ 100

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If you’re looking for a simpler bedside device, Lenovo’s Smart Clock is also available at Target and Walmart for $ 40 or $ 10 of the normal price. It is not a complete smart monitor because you cannot play videos, but it does contain some of the technical features, so you can use it to control your smart home and check your Nest Cams. And while it doesn’t have a camera, it has all the features needed in a smart alarm clock, including an ambient light sensor, touch-to-delay function, sunrise alarm and a 10 cm compact size.

Buy Lenovo Smart Clock at – $ 40

Buy Lenovo Smart Clock at – $ 40

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