Nurses paint windows for cancer patients – ABOUT MAG 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It is difficult enough to be a child diagnosed with cancer during the coronavirus pandemic, but it is even more difficult because sometimes the family cannot be with them during long chemotherapy sessions.

Children undergoing cancer chemotherapy are at higher risk due to their immunocompromised state. Some Southern Oncology Specialists patients are left alone during treatment due to the distance and limitations required for occupation. Family or friends cannot be with them to follow the spread of the virus.

“Cancer therapies cannot wait until the crisis is over,” said William Mitchell MD, chief oncologist at Southern Oncology Specialists.

In an effort to cheer up patients, nurses and staff painted the windows of the chemotherapy room with colorful images and positive messages like “We can’t drive the wind, but we can adjust the candles”.

Because cancer patients are an extremely vulnerable population, Mitchell explained that keeping them out of the hospital environment is best for reducing the risk of exposure.

Nurses paint windows

Southern Oncology Specialists

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Paula Fonseca