Oculus Rift S review: Best VR headset for playing VR games? – ABOUT MAG 2020

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The gaming industry has undergone some discernible changes in the many years of its existence. From the games that define the generation as PacMan and Tetris, we move to Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto. These games reached levels of graphic design and level that people during those times could not have imagined.

Developers are always pushing the limits on what will be next. They are constantly competing with each other to introduce things that lead us to a new generation of games. This brings us to the question of virtual reality (VR). Before, people used to play the game, virtual reality offers you the means to live the experience. Imagine exploring the depths of an ocean or the vastness of space through your own eyes. The day has come when this is a reality, a reality that we can build.

Oculus Rift S

When we talk about VR, ignoring Oculus cannot be an option. It is the indicator of all VR devices. So here at Gamerrewind, we have to discuss its viability as a gaming device. The Oculus Rift store is full of games and experiences. It is also compatible with Steam, which offers many games to choose from.

There are several games from the original Rift as well. But updating the new Rift made the experience better. The games are much more attractive and offer a great experience. The overall feel of the headset is much better than other competitors and the design looks more organic.

In every VR review, this caveat is attached. Only buy this if you have money to spend. But this is not true for the Oculus Rift S. You can buy this anyway. The VR headset market is really good. In addition, there are great things for these headphones out there. Recently, Half-Life launched its Alyx and surprised the world.

In addition, we recommend that if you want to experience VR, do it in an Oculus. No other device matches the experience it offers.

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