SATURN interpreter launches new Mini Music Doc for Venus Virgo EP – ABOUT MAG 2020

All that time alone inside the house is giving us all some time to reflect and remember, and that’s what SATURN been doing for the past few weeks. “I have been so precious with spreading all my work so far. Literally, hiding songs, photo shoots, shows. Doing shows and going over stories, but never really sharing my personal experience,” they said. PAPER. “The quarantine inspired me to look back fondly and I wanted to share.”

“This was such a crazy accumulation for what has been the biggest growth period of my life so far. These months have been full of good times in the face of difficulties,” said SATURN. “He tested my character and I really discovered the power of my joy. Most of the images show me a smile that is something I would like to share. I appreciate all the good times and I think the document reflects that.”

The artist chose “Sing It For The Boy” because of its meaning. “I pat myself on the back for surviving without [my self-love, care, and confidence], “the artist said about the song.” I take it back. I am proud of myself for hiding it long enough to survive. My light now shines everywhere I am. I take the day of life at a time when managing my extreme goals “.

Watch the full video below. You can follow Saturn and be updated on the latest work Instagram.

Paula Fonseca