[SOLVED] Gmail sync issue in Outlook 2016 – ABOUT MAG 2020


I’m currently having trouble syncing a standard Gmail account in Outlook 2016. The account is added using the automated installation process and all the folders in the account appear and the main inbox fills out emails, but doesn’t sync the subfolders and is turned off stating that the inbox is still being synced when I know it’s up to date.

only shows “syncing ‘inbox'” and a striped progress bar that continues in a loop

I tried the following:

profile deleted and added again

set the timeout to 10 min

set the root folder path to point only to / inbox

set the synchronization to return only 1, 3, 6 months

ran the repair on account

created a new Windows profile and tried to synchronize

verified gmail is configured for IMAP

told Outlook to unsubscribe from all subfolders

less secure apps enabled

Office 2016 repaired

Account added manually

Email self-test passes

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After doing all the steps, I mentioned the mailbox eventually.

This can be a way of doing this:

1. Download your gmail emails as a zip file

2. Import them into an email client (maybe not Outlook)

3. Delete all unwanted emails

4. Import to your Outlook

Here is a manual for you: https://www.ubergizmo.com/how-to/backup-restore-gmail/

Log in to gmail, click on “My account”, Personal information and privacy -> Control your content, Copy or move your content

I hope it helps …

MI32 wrote:

You enter the inbox, which shows the same as gmail, but if you send an email from outlook> inbox, will it not appear in the folder sent from the inbox?

Why three different things described above?

Does the user use> inbox or> gmail?

  1. So the first one ‘an” [I’m going to say alice from this point on to make it easier to remember] is the favorites section. This section is essentially a shortcut to the Outlook data file. It is part of the outlook and minimizing it usually ends the user’s confusion.
  2. The second section is the Alice Outlook data file. When Outlook contacts Gmail, it downloads everything in the box for offline use. So it stores emails in a data file as it would for POP3. Again, this is a standard Outlook setting, minimizing user confusion / distraction.
  3. The third section will be alice@company.rootdomain. This is the visual representation of the data in the Outlook data file, presented to simulate the Gmail configuration, but with Outlook trying to map similar fields.

So the third section will have an inbox that belongs to [Gmail] but Outlook went up a directory. After [Gmail] you’ll see any Gmail labels appear in your Outlook folders. Gmail will contain everything on the gmail server.

In short. Section 1 is an Outlook shortcut and can be ignored. Section 2 is the personal copy of Outlook for any email recorded, sent or deleted from the perspective of that computer. This must also be ignored. Section 3 contains all of the user’s emails and is what they should be using. Any changes made to section three will be reflected in gmail. [So if you made a new folder gmail will automatically make a new label. Stars in Gmail are Flags in outlook].

p.s. The most important thing to note is that the email settings of the gmail account are configured so that Delete items are moved to the [Gmail] > Trash and then clean when switching folders while online. I also found that if you don’t set Send items to ‘Do not save copies of sent items‘then Outlook will show doubles in the outgoing email folders. Note that Gmail / Outlook will send the email only once, but Outlook will keep the copy of Gmail and the copy of Outlook.

Paula Fonseca