State working with Google to improve the unemployment website and keep up with demand – – ABOUT MAG 2020

New York is trying to ease unemployment. After weeks of challenges – both online and over the phone – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced some changes that could affect people’s short-term ability to get complaints.

The state is updating the servers on which the Department of Labor’s unemployment website resides. Governor Cuomo promised to ensure that benefits are paid retroactively.

The Department of Labor has also hired a significant number of additional employees to meet demand.

Cuomo announced that the $ 600 a week added to the stimulus plan would be enacted this week; and that the overall benefits would be extended for another 13 weeks to 39.

The state is partnering with Google to launch a new interface on the unemployment website, which should help with some of the site’s loading problems. They also recently announced plans to hire hundreds more workers to process claims.

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