The Google Finance portfolio is down – use this instead – ABOUT MAG 2020

It’s official.

Google Finance has eliminated the resource from its portfolios.

In the typical Google way, they are not afraid to remove resources and move on.

Seeing how Google hasn’t updated its finance website since 2006 (!), It’s no surprise that they are changing things.

Its biggest rival, Yahoo Finance, has made many modern user interface updates – but not for the better.

  • The web version of Google’s financial portfolio will be discontinued
  • The Google Finance app does not support portfolios

Here’s the official post.

Portfolio discontinuation information

In an ongoing effort to make Google Finance more accessible and easy to use for a wider audience, we will make some changes to the service in November 2017.

As part of this updated experience, you will still be able to:

  • Follow the stocks you’re interested in – the list of stocks in your portfolio will be migrated to the new Google experience automatically
  • Get the latest news and market trends

However, as part of this updated experience, the Portfolios feature will no longer be available. To keep a copy of your records, download your portfolio now.

To allow time to download and consider alternative services, this change will not occur until mid-November 2017.

How investors like to use Google Finance portfolios

  • see daily gains and losses in actual dollar amounts and%
  • see the personal performance of specific stocks, funds and ETFs
  • see investments in an easy to view table
  • see relevant news
  • easily add / edit transactions
  • does not require connection to accounts
  • source: reddit

Many people are looking for an alternative to the Google Finance portfolio or just a direct replacement.

Unfortunately, there are not many free alternatives out there.

Yahoo Finance?

If you haven’t used it recently, great. Keep it up.

Your new updates are a mess. They have reduced functionality to make it look beautiful.

Google Finance has kept things simple and straightforward.

It wasn’t perfect, but it worked and that’s what I also liked.

Alternative to the Google Finance portfolio (paid version)

We do not offer a free version in Old school value, but our premium product includes functionality similar to Google Finance with more.

All of:

  • The format of the results table that you are used to seeing
  • Choose from thousands of value-centric data points to customize your results table
  • Edit transactions in a simple table format
  • Import transactions via csv
  • Export your portfolio via csv

Find out more below:

Inserting and editing transactions in old school stock portfolios

On the edit transactions tab, you can

  • insert new or edit existing transactions
  • upload or export transactions
  • link it to cash balances

For any share that pays a dividend, the portfolio will automatically include the dividends received. This is included in your portfolio’s return calculations.

Alternative to the Google Finance portfolio

Viewing your portfolio

Click on the second tab of your portfolio name. I just called this test portfolio “New Portfolio 2”.

You can customize the table headers by selecting from hundreds of data metrics that we provide.

Research your stocks in detail by creating several different reports.

Create a display for related FCF numbers, valuation indices or balance sheets. By keeping your data results focused, it’s easier to track your inventory from a single application.

Viewing your portfolio details

Viewing your portfolio details

Portfolio performance charts

Google’s portfolios are great, but their graphics aren’t.

With the Old School Value stock portfolio, it will calculate the performance of your portfolio if any transactions are entered. We use a time-weighted return calculation and we also include equal weighted portfolio performance numbers. This shows how the portfolio was executed if all positions had the same weight.

By comparing the total portfolio performance and the portfolio’s weighted equal performance, you can tell if the portfolio manager is creating alpha or if the misallocation is playing a role.

alternative portfolio performance chart

Portfolio summary

We took it a step further, as we focus on facilitating data interpretation.

For any portfolio where transactions are entered, a summary page will be generated and updated.

Here is a breakdown of what is what.

summary of the old school stock portfolio

Free stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet

Although Google Finance is eliminating the portfolio, it does not mean that the entire financial site will be closed.

If you are looking for only free portfolio software, you can create a stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet using Google sheets.

The downside is that we have no idea how long Google Finance functions within Google spreadsheets will last.

google stock portfolio tracker spreadsheet

stock portfolio tracker spreadsheet using Google sheets – Bye Bye Google Finance Portfolio

Integrated stock assessment, analysis and portfolio tools

As I mentioned earlier, our portfolio resources are not a free tool.

What you get beyond the portfolio is a set of fundamental analysis and evaluation tools to help you make faster and better decisions. Instead of having to process thousands of data coming in all directions, Old School Value focuses on eliminating noise and helping you focus on your analysis.

If you’re looking for a complete stock assessment and tracking solution and believe it’s important to have the right tool for the job, check out the live preview of AMZN, MSFT, BAC, AAPL, FB and RHI.

Paula Fonseca