The potential for strong winds could spell trouble for Erie Shore Drive – ABOUT MAG 2020

A large wave from Lake Erie crashes over a wall behind a house on Erie Shore Drive near Erieau, Ontario. on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Ellwood Shreve / Chatham Daily News / Postmedia Network

Ellwood Shreve / Ellwood Shreve / the daily news

The forecast of strong winds from southwest to west on Monday could spell trouble along the shore of Lake Erie, especially for Erie Short Drive, near Erieau.

Winds are expected to increase from night to Sunday until Monday, with southwest winds forecast to be above 50 km / h, a flood inspection issued by the Thames Valley Conservation Authority said on Saturday.

Some predictions suggest that Monday afternoon winds may even reach gale speeds; above 60 km / h ”, said the conservation authority. If the high-speed winds predicted for Monday do show up, there will be significant flooding along Erie Shore Drive and an increased risk of damage to the coast for other areas. “

Due to the high levels of the lakes, there is a risk that wave action may damage shore protection works and cause erosion along the shore of Lake Erie in Chatham-Kent and County Elgin, including areas of high cliff, reported the authority.

Floods should also be expected in low-lying coastal areas.

Along Erie Shore Drive in Chatham-Kent, floods with wind speeds of around 25 km / h have been observed if the winds come from the right direction for a sufficiently long period of time.

Although there is still some uncertainty in the predictions so far, due to the holiday weekend, residents and workers along the coast may need additional time to prepare, ”said the official. “These residents and workers must pay attention to local conditions.”

People should be extra careful and avoid the coastline if conditions become difficult. The waves can be strong and the coast is slippery. There may also be dangerous debris within the waves and water that can be dropped on the beach.

Standing water can also present invisible scratches. Children and animals should be kept away from water.

Paula Fonseca