The real cocaine story behind the Back to the Future DeLorean – ABOUT MAG 2020

What is the connection between Hollywood, an American businessman, time travel and a mountain of cocaine big enough to make Keith Richards’ knees shake? Answer: the DMC DeLorean, AKA the DMC-12, AKA the car of Back to the future.

This weekend marks the 35th anniversary of Back to the future, so let’s go back in time and pay homage to the real version of the 88 mph gull-wing carriage, powered by Mr. Fusion. Press it, because it’s a wild ride.

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But why a time-traveling DeLorean?

Most of the world, certainly outside the US, probably had no idea of ​​the DeLorean of the same name, until it appeared in Back to the future, which debuted on the screens in 1985.

First, the time machine Back to the future it was never really designed to be a car, much less a DeLorean. According to director Robert Zemeckis, speaking in the commentary of the films on DVD, the time machine was first a laser device, which was discarded because, um, boring!

In the second draft, it was a refrigerator. But, apparently, the filmmakers were concerned about encouraging children to go into refrigerators and get stuck, so the idea was also dismissed.

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Credit: Ewan Roberts