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IPhone SE comes in three colors: black, white and red (PRODUCT) RED and is designed to withstand dust and water resistant elements Apple

Apple is at an interesting time. Last week, he announced that he had teamed up with Google to create tools on smartphones – harnessing the power of Bluetooth – that they could inform users (without compromising someone’s privacy) if they crossed paths with someone infected with coronavirus. This is a valuable use of technological support.

This week, the company founded by Steve Jobs announced a reboot of the 2016 hit – iPhone SE. It fits in one hand. It has a robust construction. And it is as powerful as the iPhone 11, minus some details.

An important launch

Apple was one of the first technology companies to announce in February that production would be hampered because manufacturing facilities in China had slowed down operations due to the coronavirus outbreak. The technology giant added that sales would also be hampered by a drop in consumer demand. It is now April and the same company has moved forward and launched a new device. It is an important milestone.

The US government is allocating several trillion dollars to keep the economy moving, so that people and businesses have tools to thrive earlier. It also means that companies like Apple and Google have a big role to play. They need to deploy accessible tools of invention and design. Apple is doing just that.

Consumers concerned with size and budget

The launch of the new iPhone SE is not a direct response to the economic meltdown. The timing is coincidental and the price is perfect. Companies like Apple map products months in advance, so the new phone has been around for some time. Long before people started talking about the pandemic, the upgrade cycle for buying expensive smartphones had become longer. Why would anyone update their phone when last year’s model is still good? Last year’s iPhone 11 series comprises the best smartphones you can buy at the moment, but at the same time, not everyone is willing to spend a large amount. Apple knows this and has intensified its emphasis on services like music and video. It is estimated that there are 1.5 billion active Apple devices installed worldwide.

Then there is this group of consumers who are constantly overlooked – people who prefer a smaller screen size. The original iPhone SE had a four-inch screen, while the newer one is slightly larger, with a 4.7-inch screen. Surprisingly, the 2016 model cost $ 399 and the newest one also reaches $ 399.

Small but very powerful

One might think that it is strange to introduce a small phone at a time when immersive screens and larger batteries are in fashion. After all, your phone is the most used computer and is in your pocket. The new iPhone SE has the design of an older generation iPhone and a home button instead of a face scanner, but it is just as powerful as the iPhone 11 from 2019.

What seems to be the reason behind the slight increase in the size of the phone compared to the 2016 model? First, it is probably easier to fit components in a larger frame than in a smaller frame. Second, it is easier to keep the device in your hand or pocket.

Facing the competition, diving into India

According to research firm IDC, Apple was the number one phone maker in the world in the fourth quarter of 2019 for shipments. The company’s phones sold very well in places like the US. With the lowest priced smartphone, the company has the opportunity to compete in markets like India, where people want cheaper phones, but at the same time are aware of the brand.

At the beginning of the week, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro had arrived; these are 5G phones, but they are more expensive than the new iPhone. We have to ask ourselves some questions: do we need 5G at the moment? Is accessibility what we should look for? Should we go with a company that is considered the gold standard in the smartphone industry?

Let’s talk about specifications

Resetting iPhone SE has everything you can ask for on a phone. The Touch ID-enabled device has the powerful A13 Bionic chip – the same as on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro – and what Apple is billing for “the best single camera system on an iPhone”.

The phone may not have some of the details of the new iPhones, but Apple is also known for making the software handle most of the heavy lifting. It comes with a 12MP f / 1.8 wide camera and uses the A13 Bionic’s image signal processor and Neural Engine to unlock computational photography features such as Portrait mode, all six Portrait Lighting effects and control of depth. Using machine learning and monocular depth estimation, the phone also takes wonderful pictures with the front camera. The next generation of Smart HDR arrives on the iPhone SE, intelligently relocating recognized subjects in a frame for more natural-looking images, with striking details of highlights and shadows.

Recording videos is also a pleasure for the phone with stereo audio recording and the rear camera captures 4K at up to 60fps, while the extended dynamic range achieves more prominent details up to 30fps. Customers can also take advantage of QuickTake video on the front and rear cameras, allowing video recording without leaving Photo mode.

For other necessary modern features, it supports Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit LTE, dual SIM (the second is an eSIM) and Haptic Touch (Apple’s replacement for 3D Touch, which means extended pressure with tactile feedback).

What is missing is the U1 locator chip that was first introduced in the iPhone line last September. It acts as a localized GPS that can operate “more accurately, less energy and without the need to emit signals from cell towers and satellites”. It is considered an important component behind the AirTags gadget, which Bloomberg said would be launched later this year. Apparently, AirTags work with an iOS device to locate items such as wallets or keys, featuring short-range, low-energy radio technology, with a design similar to Bluetooth.

As the A13 Bionic allows great battery life, the iPhone SE is expected to run easily all day on a full charge. The phone has wireless charging capability with Qi certified chargers and also supports fast charging, offering customers up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

How much and when?

In the US, iPhone SE will be released on April 24. With blocking enabled, availability in India will be announced shortly. It will be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models in black, white and RED (PRODUCT) RED from Rs 42,500. There is really “a lot to love” and less to spend!

At first glance: iPhone SE (2020)
At first glance: iPhone SE (2020) The telegraph

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