These printable coloring sheets of self-care pets are the best distraction – ABOUT MAG 2020

Amid requests for stay at home for coronavirus, stress relief activities I never felt so essential. Many are paving the way through the pandemic, others are watching your favorite TV shows, and some are doing art to improve your mental health. These distractions don’t just spend extra time at home, they are reliable ways to calm our souls, too.

That’s why Bustle has partnered with Night paper, a studio and design company founded in Hong Kong to create printable coloring sheets to add to your list of social distance activities. While the founder and creator of Nocturnal Paper Meghna Jhuremalani tells Bustle that she usually seeks inspiration from music, TV and memes, lately she has been focusing on the sense of solidarity that has emerged from the health crisis.

“Coloring is a form of meditation and helps to relieve stress,” says Jhuremalani. “I think we could all use a way to stay connected and virtually together. I just wanted to create something … for the community, for us and for humans, as an artist. “

Below, you’ll find five colorful sheets of pets practicing self-care – since there’s nothing more comforting than a dog in pajamas having a spa moment at home. From Monday to Friday, there is an illustration to print, color and share with friends. Tag @Urgency and @Nocturnalpaperand use #BustlexNocturnalPaper so that we can also see all your excellent work.






Paula Fonseca