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Is anyone bothering you with unsolicited emails? Or maybe, some company is sending spam to your inbox with promotional and marketing emails? Gmail allows you to control and filter the type of emails you receive in your inbox, blocking email addresses. But what happens after you block someone in Gmail? Read on to find out.

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Will you still be able to receive emails from blocked addresses? Can you still send an email to someone you blocked? How do you unlock some in your Gmail? How do you block someone in Gmail? We answer everything in this explainer. Come on.

Blocking someone in Gmail

Blocking someone or an email address in Gmail is pretty easy. Follow the steps listed below to do this on the Gmail mobile app and the web / PC interface.

On mobile

Step 1: Find and open the email that the person you want to block has sent you.

Step 2: Touch the three-dot menu icon next to the sender’s name.

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Step 3: Finally, from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen, select ‘Block [Sender’s name]Option

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On the web / PC

The Gmail blocking process is very similar for mobile and web. Open the email that the sender / email address sent you, tap the menu icon and select ‘Block [Sender’s Name]option

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A blocked person can send emails to you

Yes, a blocked address can still send emails. The only difference is that emails from block addresses will not appear in your inbox. Instead, they are automatically stored in your Gmail’s Spam folder.

You can send a blocked address by email

Yes you can. What Gmail’s blocking feature does is move (new) emails from a blocked address to the Spam folder from the moment you block them.

If you wish, you can still send e-mails to them and communicate normally as you would a common unlocked address. Your conversations will be restricted to the Gmail spam folder.

What happens to old emails from the person you blocked

Nothing. Nothing. Old and previous emails you exchanged with the blocked contact will remain in your inbox, unless you delete them. However, new responses to old email conversations from the blocked contact will no longer appear in the inbox as a thread.

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Interestingly, when you receive new emails from a block contact in the spam folder, you can choose to move them to your regular inbox by tapping the “Move to inbox” button when opening the email.

The person will know that you blocked them

No, the person you blocked in Gmail will not be notified (by Google or anyone else) of your action. Better yet, there is no way to guarantee that blocked contacts have been blocked in Gmail. Unless, of course, you tell them.

Blocking someone in Gmail is more of a silent block. This is very different from how the blocking action works in other applications. On whatsapp, for example, a blocked contact cannot send messages, view your profile photo, view your online / last seen status, etc.

Blocking someone in Gmail also blocks them on other Google services

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No. Although you only need to a Google account to access most Google services, Google treats each of its services as different entities. As such, whatever happens in Gmail, remains in Gmail.

Therefore, when you block someone in Gmail, the action is restricted to Gmail, and the person can contact you directly in another Google product (e.g., Google Hangouts) using the same address.

Where are the people you blocked in Gmail

For some reason, it’s important to know who you’ve blocked from Gmail or any other messaging platform. When you block someone on Instagram, for example, you can see them in the Privacy section of the instant messaging application. Gmail allows you to see only blocked addresses / people in the web / PC interface. You cannot view blocked contacts in the Gmail app.

See how to view block addresses in the Gmail web interface.

Step 1: Start Gmail in your favorite browser and the gear icon.

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Step 2: Then select Settings.

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Step 3: Select the “Blocked filters and addresses” tab.

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Step 4: You should now see a list of email addresses blocked in Gmail.

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Unlocking someone in Gmail

This is also as easy as blocking an address. On the PC, follow the steps (# 1 – # 3) above and tap the Unlock button.

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On your phone, open any email from the blocked address and tap the Unblock sender button.

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