What is a Chromebook? Buying guide and advice – ABOUT MAG 2020

When visiting family and friends while on vacation, I expect one more question than any other: “What is a Chromebook?” Rather than Windows 10 or Mac OS, Chromebooks run Chrome OS by Google.

Originally seen as a laptop built around the Google cloud, these laptops did very well in the educational market. Over time, however, its appeal has increased and best Chromebooks are some of best laptops today in general.

Our new Chromebook drop test gives us a sense of which Chrome OS laptop is the most durable. Read our Pixelbook Go Review to see how battery life and great design make it one of our favorite Chromebooks. Students should also check out our Windows 10 x macOS x Chrome OS guide when the back to school season arrives.

How much do Chromebooks cost?

Paula Fonseca