WhatsApp will stop downloading some files automatically – ABOUT MAG 2020

Whatsapp keep working to introduce news in the app. In the past few weeks, they have introduced modifications fast enough to prevent the spread of prank calls, such as a search button next to forwarded messages, or currently limit the forwarding of messages to more than one chat at a time.

These innovations in WhatsApp will improve the functionality of the application, approaching what other applications like Telegram offer and even improving them, as will happen in the case of research.

Advanced message search

In the latest beta version of iOS, WhatsApp has enabled the advanced message search. In version 2.20.117, Android is also present in the code, but it was not activated with the latest update because it is still in development.

However, WABetaInfo shows us how this new function will be displayed, where we find the possibility to search for content by type, being able to search Photos, Audio, Video, Files, Links, GIFs, Videos or Documents. Currently, Telegram filters the types of files we share in a chat, to make them easier to find, and WhatsApp will implement them in its own way.

Secure backup

There was a lot of criticism against WhatsApp because, although the messages sent are filtered from end to end, the Backups chats are not protected. And if we store them in the cloud, Google may be forced to provide backups to a judge, if he asks.

For this reason, WhatsApp started working on the possibility of encrypt backup that we store in Google Drive using a password since 2.20.73 beta. Now, in version 2.20.117, a field has been introduced to create the password that protects our chats, although we don’t know what encryption will be used. The password is not stored on the WhatsApp or Facebook servers; therefore, if we lose it, we will not be able to retrieve WhatsApp chat history from the backup.

New rules for automatic downloads

By default, WhatsApp automatically download all files that come to us, such as videos or photos. This causes the phone’s memory to fill up with garbage and, although the option can be disabled, many users leave it active.

Therefore, WhatsApp will introduce a new rule that will be active by default in the following updates, in which the forwarded photos, videos, documents or voice messages they will never be downloaded by default. Thus, WhatsApp wants to prevent the spread of prank calls on WhatsApp with a new measure that aggregates all the measures it is introducing to prevent chains from generating fear, uncertainty and hatred among the population with content almost never verified.

Seeing the rush of WhatsApp to launch functions to stop prank calls, it would not be uncommon for them to hurry more than usual to launch this function and will reach all users in the next few days or weeks at the most.

Paula Fonseca