Brian Maurer Disputes Report of Potential Transfer from Tennessee – About Your Online Magazine

Moments ago, Fox Sports Knoxville reported that Tennessee’s second year, QB, Brian Maurer, intends to enter his name on the transfer portal. The report states: “The tip came after a face-to-face with a disgruntled Maurer and Jeremy Pruitt happened on Wednesday. According to the source, Maurer took several items out of his closet on Thursday afternoon. After the rotation of the defenders on Saturday, the source officially confirmed that Maurer will officially enter the transfer portal next week. “

Maurer, who Pruitt mentioned as being harmed by all the injuries, saw no action on today’s QB rotation, but is challenging the report that he is leaving Knoxville.

It is unclear how Tennessee’s rotation will work for the rest of the season, as Jeremy Pruitt has given no indication. Maurer has not yet seen the field, but everything seems possible at this point.

Paula Fonseca