Impact Star Taya Valkyrie Suffers Second-Degree Burns – About Your Online Magazine

Impact star Taya Valkyrie shared last night on social media that she suffered second degree burns.

Taya revealed that she lit a candle and it “burned like a torch”, charring her window and wall. While trying to put out the fire, she suffered second degree burns on her hands and face.

The former Knockouts champion tweeted: “Warning! I received a pack of influencers @LilysSweets, I love their chocolate. Today I lit a candle that was sent to me. It burned like a torch, it burned our window and wall and I just suffered second degree burns on both hands and my face trying to put it out. UN F’N REAL! “

Her husband WWE Star John Morrison also commented on the incident.

He tweeted, “I have to wonder what they put on their products if they’re making candles that burn like propane torches. I just threw away all @LilysSweets at home. Our house is not the only one that lit the candle that burns like a tiki torch. Be careful with Lily’s. ”

Taya shared an update today on her Twitter account, showing a video of her blistered hands.

Below are his tweets:

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