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In an interview with So What, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet talked about the recent improvement in his guitar playing and revealed how James HetfieldThe rehabilitation time led him to write more songs.

As you may remember, Metallica’s legendary frontman James Hetfield has struggled with substance abuse through the years. In early 2003, while recording Metallica’s eighth studio album, ‘St. Anger, ‘James went into rehab for his alcohol problems. Although he seemed to be doing well for a while, last year, Hetfield’s alcohol problems came up again and Metallica had to cancel their tour of Australia, so he could go to rehab.

Recently, iconic Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett entered into a conversation with And and talked about how his music has improved in recent years and said:

“Well, I think my playing has improved, it has continued to improve for the past three years, it is in a upward trajectory. So, you know, when it all stopped, I didn’t let COVID stop me at all. “

In addition, Kirk revealed the reason he wrote so many songs. Apparently, when James Hetfield was back to rehab, Hammett focused on writing new songs and he ended up creating many of them. Kirk also stated that he and his bandmate Rob Trujillo worked together and wrote more songs during the absence of the band’s main vocalist.

Here’s what Kirk Hammett stated:

“I fucking kept working every day. I wrote tons of music. That’s why I have so much music, you know? It’s like a year ago, when James said I had to go back to rehab, I just struggled and wrote a lot of music.

I met Rob Trujillo and wrote more music. And then I joined Edwin Outwater, the conductor of ‘S & M2,’ and I wrote two horror-themed instruments that were supposed to be played with the Vancouver Symphony next month. “

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Paula Fonseca