No official trick-or-treat times this year in Monroe – About Your Online Magazine

MONROE (WKOW) – The city of Monroe has not set official hours or formal plans for Halloween in 2020 due to concerns about the coronavirus, according to a press release.

There are no sanctioned activities planned.

The Joint Council Security Committee followed the guidelines / examples from the Disease Control Center (CDC), the Green County Department of Public Health and many other communities in the region.

The committee is recommending that people follow these guidelines when deciding whether to allow their children to trick or treat door to door.

If residents do not want to participate in trick or treating, handing out candy, etc., they should not turn on the porch lights in their homes.

If you want, leave the light on.

People who choose to trick or treat should visit only a small group of close and known people, but if they choose to go door to door, they should visit only those places with the balcony lights on.

Paula Fonseca