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For the publisher:

I met Steve Briden when we were state representatives in Concord during the 2013-14 session.

Although he was new to the General Court, he quickly established himself and, over the next two years, I saw the emergence of an incredibly capable legislator.

Now that he is approaching a county attorney position with valuable experience on his resume, I am excited that his vision and experience will provide the spark that will create change and growth in our Rockingham County court system. As a county attorney, he will advise the other attorneys and the department management.

We all learn about the interconnection between mental health, drug misuse and criminal issues.

Neither of these issues can be dealt with separately. We need to understand the data and research to move forward with intelligence and compassion.

It is these two qualifications that I believe Steve has demonstrated and will use with great success.

It meets the needs of the community and all public servants involved in these issues. The people who come before lawyers in Rockingham County are real people with real problems who are looking for both fairness and justice as well as some additional kindness. I believe Steve could lead the county with this effort and open the door to a lesser focus on incarceration and an expansion of problem solving that will protect families and individuals across Rockingham County.

I am extremely happy to support Steve Briden for the Rockingham County District Attorney.

Eileen Flockhart


Paula Fonseca