Raging Celtic fan makes ‘league gone’ claim as Superscoreboard caller says Neil Lennon has blown 10 In A Row – About Your Online Magazine

AN Celtic doggedly ruled out his team’s chances of securing a tenth historic spin title in a furious Superscoreboard call.

‘Steven’ was clearly disturbed by his heroes’ performance today, as they were defeated for most of the game, despite their home advantage against bitter rivals guards.

Punctuation means Steven Gerrard men have four points of advantage at the top of Scottish Premiership but Celtic have one less game.

You would think, then, that it may be a little early to throw in the towel, but the caller was adamant that his side was behind as the Rangers progressed and he could not accept any positive points in the defeat.

He said: “When this lineup was launched, I knew the championship was over. This game is a milestone. We knew it. We knew it from the beginning.

“As soon as that team enters, it’s us. We’re done.

“It’s a milestone. We haven’t played well since the start of the season.

“The Rangers are moving forward. I can’t see how we are going to get back.”

Sunday Mail columnist Hugh Keevins intervened to ask whether this means that the caller dropped out of the league.

He replied, “Yes. Basically.”

Keevins: “Steven. You have to be rational. It was a bad day. However, that was the tenth game of the Celtic season. There are still 28 games to be played. How can you give up the championship when 28 games are left?

“Because Neil Lennon is the coach and we haven’t played well since the start of the season. We didn’t have a good game without Hibs.

“That’s it.”

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Paula Fonseca