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Lower coffee prices for trading week

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CafĂ© Futuros —The future coffee in the December contract was closed last Friday in New York at 111.55 per pound, while it currently trades at 109.00, a drop of more than 250 points in the week, as prices are stuck at a 3-week consolidation pattern.

I have recommended a bullish position over the past few weeks around the 109.55 level and if you took that trade, continue to place the stop loss under the low of the contract, which is at 96.90, as the chart structure does not will improve, as the stop loss will not increase, as the monetary risk will remain the same.

Coffee prices are negotiating in their 20 days, but still well below their 100-day moving average, as prices surpassed slightly above the level of 135 in early September, as prices fell a lot, as there are still major concerns about Coronavirus containing demand. with a 7-10 day weather forecast with some rain on the horizon, maintaining pressure on prices.

In my opinion, I believe that the long-term coffee fund was finally cemented, as I have an upward trend for all commodity sectors in 2021, as we could see major upward trends due to all the stimulus and demand coming back across the world, so stay as long as I think the disadvantage is very limited.




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