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The KC Chiefs have their franchise quarterback, but should they consider negotiating for their future reserve quarterback?

The Kansas City Chiefs found gold when they switched to choice # 10 in the 2017 NFL Draft to select Patrick Mahomes. He has been the gift that continues to be offered and the organization has given him a $ 500 million contract for his efforts.

All of this needs to be said because this article raises the question of whether or not the Chiefs are a team that would make sense to switch to Dwayne Haskins on time. Haskins was the 15th overall choice in the 2019 NFL Draft and it looks like the Washington football team is already giving up on the former Ohio state caller.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, there seems to be a real possibility that Washington Haskins negotiates on time. When thinking about it, could Chiefs be a potential suitor?

The KC Chiefs don’t need a quarterback, but having a young reserve in Dwayne Haskins is not a bad idea.

If Haskins came to Kansas City, it would not be to accept Mahomes’ job. Instead, he would have the opportunity to sit behind Mahomes and could replace him if (he hit the wood) he got hurt, had to be on the COVID list or if the Chiefs were in a crisis. At the moment, the Chiefs have a veteran quarterback in Chad Henne and also the XFL standout, Jordan Ta’amu.

Because of that, people would not find it suitable for Haskins, but he is already more proven than Ta’amu and having a trainer like Andy Reid may be what the boy needs. He wasn’t even bad in his total of 13 NFL games, but Washington doesn’t fit and is a bad organization. Getting somewhere like Kansas City can do wonders for your game and it would be nice to have a young and reliable backup behind Mahomes for a few years.

This is not something I hope will happen, as the Kansas City Chiefs have bigger needs on time and the reserve defender is not on the list. It is interesting to think, however, how Haskins is 23 and could really provide Mahomes’ next backup.

If nothing else, Haskins may play well in a game and a team is willing to give up some draft choices to acquire it. That would also be something that could work for KC.

So, what do you think, Chiefs fans? Is this something that you would consider or agree with Henne’s team as QB2?

Paula Fonseca