With new speed-limit decree from the political class, why stop at 20 mph? – Twin Cities – About Your Online Magazine

Apparently overnight and without much notice, speed limits in St. Paul have been reduced on many streets to 20 mph, with signs more abundant than Joe Biden that say “20 is enough” and “Slower is safer. “

This is happening in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, as city halls in both cities believe that speed kills. From the No Kidding Sherlock Department, our worthy elect found studies
who find that injuries sustained at slower speeds tend to be much less severe than those at higher speeds. Hard to argue that.

Joe-SoucherayThe political class has been destroying the car’s credibility for at least 20 years or more. Bike paths are preferable to improvements on the streets. Pedestrians have the
right of way. We even tried to carry flags down the street. We have roundabouts and light rail vehicles and scooters for rent. We must be disillusioned with the internal combustion engine, even if the energy produced by a single gallon of gasoline is one of life’s greatest miracles.

As noted earlier, mainly as a result of COVID-19, despondency descended on us, an evil idleness. It seems that we have become a waiting people
rather than a people to do. It is perfectly compatible with the resulting malaise that we can also slow cars down. And I don’t criticize a reduced speed limit on residential streets, where the default limit has always been 30 mph. Most of them are in poor condition anyway and this saves on the suspension parts taking a deep breath and simply crawling.

But keeping in mind that this decree came from the political class and remembering that the political class believes that the land is melting, so why would they stop at 20?

If 20 is enough, then 10 is a jewel. And if 10 is a jewel, then five is alive! It won’t be long before we have to push the cars so they can never reach a speed above
sanctified pedestrian. We will be allowed to own cars, but not to start.

It is almost as if we are stopping in this evil idleness and, worse, many people are accepting it. Let’s slow down. We are not going anywhere anyway. We have all the time in the world because the most significant step in fighting the pandemic ended up being doing nothing, that is, basically staying at home and ending the life of commerce, education, work and entertainment as we used to know them. It is logical that the government’s adjustments would have affected the family truck. Go slower, say the poles. You are not going anywhere anytime soon.

There is a poem by Dr. Seuss that is sometimes stuck in a mother’s throat reading to a son. It is called “The Place of Waiting”, part of which follows:

“Or waiting, perhaps, for your uncle Jake

Or a pot to boil, or a Better Break

Or a pearl necklace or a pair of pants

Or a wig with curls, or another chance. “

If it is a better break or another chance that we are waiting for, we will have to bring one or the other on our own.

Paula Fonseca