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The Recovery and Growth Council has met nearly 30 times virtually since it was formed in May, P.E.I. Premier Dennis King says.

“We probably have more than 1,000 potential submissions and ideas of where we’re going,” said King.

A team that started with 28 has grown to around 40 islanders from various backgrounds and different organizations with the task of creating a recovery plan and growth potential for the province in the next one, two, five and 10 years.

King said it is surprising to see consistency around some of the themes and issues that arise.

These initiatives are far more feasible now than they appeared, perhaps before March. – Premier Dennis King

“They all came back and talked about the importance of a living wage,” he said. “Everyone spoke about the need to share our economic success through areas such as universal basic income.”

King said a four-day workweek was also an idea presented.

“All of these things are so interconnected and even more connected than we thought,” said King.

King said the pandemic and the success of Canada’s emergency response benefit (CERB) has brought new discussions about a universal basic income.

“These initiatives are much more feasible now than they looked, perhaps before March,” said King.

“I think we have a federal government … interested in seeing where this can lead.”

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Now the work goes on to find out how to turn some of the recommendations into legislation, he said. An update is expected to be released in early November.

King said he thinks some of the ideas will be discussed in the next session of P.E.I. Legislative, but they won’t be ready for action yet.

“I don’t think that any of this advice, when the report is put on the table, is ready for legislation or anything in this session,” he said.

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