Painesville Salvation Army hosts drive-thru trick-or-treating for COVID safety | News – About Your Online Magazine

Amber Aston’s five-year-old daughter questioned Aston about what they were doing.

“She doesn’t really understand what’s going on, so I was trying to explain it to her,” said Aston. “Being five, she doesn’t understand clearly. She knows COVID. She knows it is dangerous. “

“What do you mean we are driving over there and we are not really enjoying walking like last year?” his daughter asked.

Aston was one of many parents who took their children to the Drive-Thru Trick-or-Treat event, held at the Painesville Salvation Army on 69 Pearl Street from 2pm. at 4 pm on October 17. The event was partnered by 100 Youth That Care and Eastlake Councilman Michael Zuren.

“It was a change in everyone’s lifestyle,” said Aston. “She still needs social skills. I’m trying to do the best I can to keep her normal, to let her come out and play and try to do things safely. “

Paula Price, founder of 100 Youth That Care, said the event was organized to help bring community members into the spirit of Halloween.

“This is a small part that we can do to keep them happy,” she said. “I’m happy to do that, even if it’s just a car trip just to get some free candy, bringing families back together.”

The event had four stations installed around the Painesville Salvation Army, where families could drive while remaining in their cars to maintain social distance because of the new coronavirus pandemic. Although in their cars, the children were still dressed in their Halloween costumes. The stations had pre-packaged candies, as well as bobbleheads and other toys. A station distributed cat and dog food to family pets.

Zuren said the event was planned as a precaution that there will be no trick or treating allowed this year.

“We think most of the treats or treatments would be canceled or families would not do this this year for fear of going door to door to spread the virus,” he said. “They enjoy the season, but the risk is extremely low.”

Zuren said there will be another trick-or-treat event at the Great Lakes Mall on Sunday, October 25, starting at 6 pm. at 8 pm

Although the event was not a complete trick or treat experience, Aston said he believes getting children involved in activities safely is good for them.

“Keeping life as normal as possible is the best thing any parent can try to do for their children,” she said.

From now on, the idea of ​​taking her daughter to trick or treat “is still in the air”, but she would like “as long as we do it safely”.

Paula Fonseca