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On Friday, actress Luviena Lodh shared a video on her Instagram page in which she accused filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and her family of harassing her. For the non-versed, Luviena is the wife of Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew, Sumit Sabharwal.


In addition, in her video, Luviena also claimed that her husband Sumit provided drugs to actresses like Amyra Dastur, Sapna Pabbi and many others, so she filed for divorce. Now, Amyra Dastur’s lawyer has issued a statement, refuting Luviena’s drug charges against the actress.

The statement signed by defender Saveena Bedi Sachar in Amyra said: “We refer to the statement regarding our client ‘Mrs Amyra Dastur’ also known as ‘Mrs Amy Dastur’ with the video recently released by Mrs Luviena Lodh. instructions and on behalf of our client, it is clarified that the said video contains false statements regarding our client and that our client is convinced that it was published with the aim of defaming and causing damage, injuries and damage to the reputation of our client.”

Amyra’s lawyer classified Luviena’s allegations against the actress as “completely false, unfounded and malicious”.

“Our client completely refutes all statements that refer to her in that video as being completely false, unfounded and malicious and still reserves the right to seek all resources available to her by law and equity. Our client also states that it is regrettable when individuals resort to such baseless attacks and condemns them “, the statement reads.

Previously, Vishesh Films’ lawyer also issued a statement on behalf of Mahesh Bhatt and refuted Luviena’s allegations of harassment against the filmmaker.

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